Tips for choosing the best roof shingles for your house

It is daunting to choose the best roof shingle for your house. The market is full of different types of shingles. There are numerous options available in terms of composition, style, and colors. There are variables within varieties. These factors are important when you go for roofing repair Hamilton by D’Angelo Roofing. Price and quality are other important factors to be kept in mind. There are three important considerations when you go for shingle roof repair services columbia sc. Consider the climate in which you are living and the price Vs quality. Low priced shingles may not have a long life. Architectural patterns are also an important consideration.

1)    Determine the cost: Measure the length and width of your roof area and calculate the square footage. This way, determine the approximate shingles requirement which is sold by squares. Knowing the total requirement, you can calculate the cost of shingles. Keep in mind your budget before you purchase the shingle you desire.

2)    Determine the warranty: Check the warranty of the shingle. More expensive the shingle is, the longer life span it has. Designer shingles may not have a life even if they are expensive. Check out the good manufacturing companies for shingles and purchase accordingly. Avoid local brands.

3)    Determine the variety and the type: There are many varieties of shingles available:

  1. a) Asphalt Shingles: They are the standard shingles available, and have the longest warranty, durability, and effectiveness.
  2. b) Laminate shingles: They are as durable as asphalt shingles but with architectural style. There are different patterns like shake patterns, “S” patterns, wooden cedar patterns and slate patterns. Due to the same reason, they are costlier than asphalt shingles.
  3. c) Others: Other shingles are made up of other materials like clay, wood, etc. They can be customized as per your needs, but you have to compromise on durability and have to pay extra. If the costs and maintenance is not a problem for you, then these shingles might suit your needs.

Asphalt shingles and laminate shingles with rectangular patterns are best suited for the wettest weather as their maintenance cost is very little. They have durability and have the ability to shed water.  Choose these shingles if you stay in areas of heavy rains.

4)    Determine the color of the shingles: Shingles come in a variety of colors like reds, greens, blues, whites, and other customized shades. Dark colored shingles retain more heat and therefore, are suited for a colder climate, whereas, light colored shingles do not retain heat and make the attic cooler. Thus, they are ideal for warmer climates. So, if you have a good space in the attic, chose lighter colored shingles.

Every home is unique and has different needs, especially when it comes to roofing. Roofing repair Hamilton by D’Angelo Roofing provides you best of shingles with premium quality and durability that suit the needs of your house.