Everything to know about plumbing fittings

The system which the pipes, tanks, fittings and some other apparatus which requires for the supply of water, heating, and also in sanitation process of the building requires plumbing. This is known to be the work of installing and maintaining of a plumbing system. In order to get the water through the connectivity of pipes from the storage in tanks, the process of plumbing is much necessary. Even when there is a need for drainage cleaning the plumbing service is needed to recover those problems. Many problems may occur in the pipe fittings which can be recovered with the help of plumbing fittings in an easy way.

Basics of plumbing which are necessary to know

The basic laws of nature with plumbing can be explained as the gravity, pressure, water seeking by its own level. By knowing these kinds of basic laws and understanding its mysteries in plumbing an individual can make lots of sixes to the plumbing system to their environment. With the help of knowledge about the plumbing fittings, one can save his/her time, trouble and money. There are different types of plumbing systems to undergo in various environments.

Purpose of plumbing in various places

The main purpose of plumbing is to convey fluids through the pipes, valves, tanks, plumbing fixtures, and some more other apparatuses. The most common uses of the plumbing system include heating and cooling, waste removal, portable water delivery, etc.

What are plumbing fittings made of?

The plumbing fittings are short and are made of metals such as brass, copper, steel or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). There is a nipple in the connectivity of two fittings instead of connecting two pipes.

Different types of fittings in the plumbing system

There are many different fittings present in the plumbing works. This includes,

  • Adapters are used to change the connection type at the end of the pipe
  • Couplings
  • Caps and plugs
  • Elbows
  • Nipples
  • Flanges
  • Tees
  • Unions

List of plumbing pipes used

In order to convey the flow of fluids or liquids, the plumbing fittings are used with different types of pipes made of metal and plastics which include,

  • Copper pipes
  • Galvanized steel pipes
  • Polyvinyl chloride pipes (PVC)
  • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes (CPVC)
  • Cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PEX)

Services offered in plumbing systems

There are many common services that are offered by the plumbing systems. They are

  • Leakage repair
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Sewer repair
  • Water heater services
  • Hydro jetting etc

Benefits of plumbing fittings using brass

Many types of metal or plastics are used in plumbing fittings. In that case, brass is much essential in fittings of plumbing works. Some advantages of using brass in fittings include,

  • By using brass in fitting it gives a wide versatility to the pipes.
  • Durability is high in brass.
  • This metal can tolerate very high temperature.
  • When using brass in the fitting of plumbing works, it does not produce corrosion and it is capable of resistance to corrosion.
  • It is very malleable to use in plumbing fittings.