Why Do Businesses Have Flat Roofs

For large roof spans, flat roofs are a common choice for commercial buildings and medical facilities. Flat roofs have a few benefits for businesses that are not available with traditional sloped roofs used in residential construction.


Flat roofs are popular in commercial buildings because of their lower cost. Because flat roofs are cheaper than sloped roofs, companies can save money on construction costs. Because they have a smaller surface area, flat roofs are cheaper and easier to install because workers can safely walk across them.

HVAC Considerations

Air conditioning unit placement is another reason commercial buildings often have flat roofs. A low roof slope allows business owners to place air conditioning units on the roof, rather than on the ground. This arrangement protects HVAC units from vandalism and damage. It also prevents cold air being forced upwards, which can take a lot more energy. Instead, the AC unit cools down naturally.

Maintenance Is Easier

A flat roof is easier to repair than a sloped roof. It may be easier to spot any leaks or other issues on a flat roof.

Flat Is A Misnomer

Commercial buildings’ roofs appear flat from the ground. However, there is a slight slope to them, usually about 2 percent. This allows water to flow towards the edge or to the drain hole in the middle.

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