How to Protect Your Home With The Perfect HDB Main Door


A main door with appearances of stone-cold features does seem like it can protect your house from intruders, right? Homeowners must have a level of knowledge and understanding of the kind of products that are available in the market for their HDB remodelling projects. Knowledge of the latest designs and trends will help them in getting the best results.

You can increase the security and aesthetic appeal of an HDB home by selecting the a high-quality HDB main door and interior doors like bedroom or toilet doors. When it comes to choosing a supplier, it is best they have their own workshop and sell doors for factory prices. When they have their own factory, you can contact them if you wish to customise your door with unique remodelling concepts.

Let us now talk about different types of materials used for manufacturing HBD doors in Singapore.

  1. Classic doors – These doors are manufactured by MDF boards or plywood. They are in high demand for HDB homes because of their durability and low costs.
  2. Timber doors – Timber doors are a timeless classic for HDB flats. They come in two types – hardwood and softwood. Hardwood doors are reliable and long-lasting, but the softwood ones are low priced. 
  3. Veneer doors – Usually, veneer doors are known to be a cost-effective alternative to solid-wood doors. Thin wooden layers on both sides give them a natural wood-like appearance. Designer doors have unique features which makes them rather attractive than common doors.
  4. Nyatoh doors – Nyatoh doors are sturdy and heavy. They are made by hard pressing and gluing of solid nyatoh sheets.
  5. Aluminium reinforced PVC doors – These are the doors that are manufactured with PVC and aluminium profiles. They are available in a variety of pricing ranges, styles, and designs.
  6. Laminate doors – High-pressure laminate doors are quite popular in Singapore. These doors have a composite core with a one mm high-pressure laminate glued and pressed with three mm plywood.
  7. Glass doors – The most major benefit of these glass doors is the unparalleled visibility that they offer. They give a luxurious and modern look to homes.

How Safe Do You Feel With Your Door?

Your main door must be able to provide the utmost security to your home. It should have all of the necessary features to keep the interiors safe from unauthorized entries.

Let’s talk about the locking mechanism while we are on the topic of security. You could opt for digital locks to give the best security to your homes. The keys to these locks look like bank cards and cannot be duplicated.

Adding fire-safe metal doors or grills outside the main door will prevent forced entry from the outside. It will allow you to look at the person before opening your door.

Thermal Insulation Keeps Your Home From Getting Too Hot Or Cold 

Thermal insulation of your door ensures the better efficiency of your cooling and heating systems. It helps in protecting your home from harsh climatic conditions.

The insulation value of doors varies based on the technology of your front door. The thickness of your door, along with other factors, can affect the amount of insulation against temperature.

It makes sense for the main entrance door to be more insulating than the bedroom doors. Well-insulated doors will help to keep the homes cool, and are particularly useful if the front door is facing the sun during certain hours. By comparing the Insulation value numbers, you can get to know about their efficiency. Similarly, you can check the fire safety rating while buying your HBD doors.

Wrapping Up: Getting The Perfect Main Door

Entrance doors must necessarily meet the key criteria of safety, looks, and insulation. You will need to go for the best products since it is a matter of safety for you and your family. You must not compromise on quality.

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