Interior Design Ideas To Boost Your Social Media Presence

When looking at the social media profiles of successful influencers, you may start to realise that their homes offer fantastic backdrops for photo and video content. This is not typically by accident and many homes are actually designed in such a way that their style and aesthetic become perfect visuals, often with a signature look that builds personal brand.

If you are a homeowner looking to boost your social media presence or better establish your online content with improved and iconic visuals, then considering your home’s interior design might be the right course of action. Here are the best ways to build a great visual foundation for your personal brand with your home.

Fundamental Lighting

Before you begin choosing your wallpapers and purchasing eye-catching furniture, your home’s lighting is the asset you want to give first and foremost consideration too. This is because the quality of your lighting, both natural and artificial, will underpin the quality of your visual media. It is also better to choose a variety of lighting sources, that way you can accommodate the intensity of illumination to your content’s needs.

Be sure to also consider the type of bulb and lamp shade you install as their features will affect the colour and appearance of your other decor. For example, both bright and muted colours can be drastically changed under colder and harsher lighting conditions.

Statement Pieces

Decorating your home with statement pieces is a great way to sign off your content, adding features that are unique to your profiles. Backdrops, such as exotic prints and fabrics, can go a long way, helping those scrolling through social media platforms to recognise your content, while larger assets, from luxury pools to log cabins, can become a playground for your brand’s creativity.

Certain unusual items, like bric-a-brac or posters, can also be fantastic decor additions as they tend to enrich backdrops, giving followers more items to grab their attention while also potentially generating conversation too.

True Colours

If your personal brand has a colour scheme, or if there’s a particular part of the spectrum that exemplifies your personality, be sure to embrace it within your home. Bold colours work well for attention-grabbing and iconic visuals but muted colours can perpetuate a certain coolness not found elsewhere.

Colour schemes can be worked into your home with paint, allowing your entire walls to use as backdrops, but they can also work effectively when woven into the decor. Choose your fabrics and furniture wisely, ensuring their style complements both other items and your online profile.

Get Moving

Depending on what content you intend to post, you may need more or less room. Modular furniture, especially storage-related designs, can be incredibly useful because they turn your home into a theatrical stage, one that can change and shift to your needs.

There can also be certain items and equipment that you will want to use for online content that would be cumbersome to keep around during your downtime. This is where efficient home storage is beneficial too, as it allows props and equipment to be concealed when you’re not online!