Some Historical Facts About Roofing

For as long as there have been humans, we have been building sanctuaries. And also, the earliest structures needed to include some type of asphalt roofing Madison County KY in order to safeguard their citizens from the sun, rainfall, as well as snow. In a way, we have been seeing improvements in roof products from as back as some of our earliest examples, almost 13,000 years ago.

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For an adjustment of pace this week, we thought that we would offer some insight into some unfamiliar roof history, the interesting, the strange, as well as the useful.

  • A few of the oldest known roofing materials are clay tiles, among the most popular products still being used in the Venice location today. These sorts of ceramic tiles have been dated back to 10,000 B.C. Various other products which were used between 7,000 to 8,000 years back are thatch, as well as stone.
  • Thatched roof coverings were an efficient roofing material for several human beings because the reed they utilized to construct the roof covering was normally water-resistant. Builders bundled the reed snugly, and its water-resistant nature permitted it to quickly shed water, consisting of snow, rain, as well as sleet. Thatched roofs might keep the occupants and interior dry.
  • To this day, natural structure products hold the sob story. In several parts of the country, timber, as well as cedar shakes, are still thought about among the most enviable and traditional roof covering materials. However, several insurance providers are hesitant to give insurance policy for a residence with wood shingles due to boosted fire risk. Some insurance companies will cover a house with a wood roof covering but will bill more on the monthly costs.
  • Despite having such a lengthy roofing background and so many types of roof covering, among the most prominent roof material is the asphalt shingle. Given that this material has only been around for around 100 years, this might seem surprising. However, customers love the convenience, as well as affordable of this material against various other types of roofs.
  • Although asphalt roof shingles are extra prominent, eco-friendly roofing materials are long-lasting. In fact, although modern shingles will last for up to three decades, most other materials, specifically all-natural products, are longer enduring.

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