5 Ways to Re-style Your Office

Your job takes up most of your time. You spend most of your day, more than 8 hours, working or just doing work-related activities. As such, working in a relaxing or creative space can make you feel more comfortable. If you think you need to re-style your office, here are some tips you can use.

1. Use plants to break up your office space

Open offices may be the trend, but your employees still enjoy when they have a sense of privacy. Most of them do not like the idea of open office movement. So, it is up to you to make them happy. Plants are inexpensive and will bring in your office a sense of life. They are moveable and significant enough when it comes to breaking up a room: just make sure you water them.

2. Master your technology

There is not much that you can do to decorate your phone, printer and computer, but you can always hide unsightly cords. You can start by ensuring your equipment is near outlets and also easy to access whenever you need to unplug. Make sure you encase cords on your desk in an attractive fabric cord cover and feed these cords into a metal or plastic cap or a desk grommet that helps guide all the cords through the hole in your desk and also hides them underneath. Also, tame the cord jungle that’s on the floor using tubing, winders or a wire organiser attached to your desk and lifts these cords off the floor.

2. Mix and match lighting

Lighting fixtures do not have to be costly to work well. The most important thing that you should do is to mix your light fixtures in various ways. Your main lighting can come from beautiful top lit fluorescence pointing upwards towards your ceiling. Also, bring in lamps to sit on tables plus track lighting that will point at the walls. This combination creates a great sense of harmony that everyone will feel without knowing the reason.

3. Inspiration

Choose one wall in your office, then do something that’ll foster creativity; for instance, covering the wall in a chalkboard. The feature wall is going to be a great talking/chalking point, plus it helps in capturing your daily thoughts. Ensure colourful chalk is on hand to capture as well as coordinate all your creative thoughts in a shade of the moment.

4. Install luxury vinyl floor tiles

Your office requires a flooring solution that will do more than cover the floor. The flooring has to be beautiful and also create an environment that welcomes your clients and match your brand. Luxury vinyl floor tiles are perfect; they replicate natural materials like natural stone or wood with incredible accuracy – buy now. Furthermore, they are cheap and incredibly durable. The strength of this product means it will stand up to that foot traffic of your office, year after year.

5. Less is more

Removing the clutter will make your office look better. Avoid stacking office equipment that you are not using in a random corner and storing your supplies just out in the open. If you have basement storage, use it to put unused chairs and empty desks until they are needed. Offices that are sparsely decorated have a nice, clean feeling that will permeate through your employees.