Why Smart Fencing in Toronto may be a problem

There are many reasons why you would like to protect your property and your privacy. After all, the right to privacy is considered to be a basic human right. However we must also take into account the rights of the public, the citizens of the nation have as much right to freely wander across the land as this land is their land.

Therefore when you build a perimeter fence that protects and deters walkers, Hikers or mountain bikers you must be sure about your civil rights.

To exclude the public may not be a great idea as you may not even own the land. Often farmers have appropriated land simply because no one objected. An example is when farmers deploy fencing to keep people out of property that they don’t actually own and this is despite the fact that the trial may be actually free public access.

As a result, we often will seethose that want to build a security fence often will care little for the rights and the preferences of the locals that wants to enjoy their rights to enjoy the environmental beauty and their rights to freely wander.

Of course privacy is everything and we cannot allow tourists or visitors to wanders around our land on a free ticket. It is hugely annoying to the land owner but they must always take into account who actually owns the land.

For many years farmers and land owners would cunningly take public and common land that was unused and seamlessly merge it into their own land portfolio. Indeed, they would capture land that did not belong to them. This caused problems with hikers and horse riders as they have the right to use the market trails.

Therefore when you buy a farm property or rural estate, and want to fence it off at least make sure that you have the rights to the land and understand that the public may have access through rights of way or it being common land.

The law in Toronto favour freedom of movement, this is your country and you have freedom to move around and explore the national geography. This is hugely important as it gives free access to the country’s diverse and beautiful terrain.

Bearing in mind Ontario’s reluctance to designate private land as being off limits to residents or tourists it can be a very expensive mistake to fence of your land before establishing your actual rights. As a result should you wish to protect the perimeter of your property, using a smart fence, at least makes sure you actually own the land that you are protecting.