Spring Into Renovating Your Home!

When spring arrives on the tail of old man winter’s exit, homeowner’s start to think of home renovations that are needed and will be beneficial. Doing a thorough inspection of your home can help you to decide what needs replacing or updating, so you can form a plan of action.

Home Inspections

Spring is the best time of year to give your entire home an inspection to see what may need repairs or what you want to update. The exterior of your home, including the roof, siding, windows, and slab should all be examined for damages that may have occurred from the winter conditions of snow and ice.

Roof Examination

Your roof is the first priority to look at since it is the first line of defense to the outdoor elements. Look for missing shingles, the disintegration of shingles, loose shingles or flashing in the valleys of your roofline that may be bent, broken or missing. Even a small leak in your roof can amount to major damages inside your attic and your home. You may be able to make small repairs, but the roofing professionals can make certain that the repairs are made and that you won’t have a water leak to tend to.

Window Panes

Examine your windows for any cracks or breaks. Winter cold causing freezing and then thawing can cause cracks. It’s a good idea to replace any window pane if it even has a tiny crack to make your home energy efficient.

Gutter Solutions

No one really loves cleaning their gutters on their home. Clogged gutters in winter from fall leaves and debris can cause ice jams and negatively affect your roof as well as cause the drainage to be near your slab, which will in turn leak into your basement. The easiest solution for your gutters is to replace them if they are pretty old and starting to rust. If your gutters are in fairly good condition, you can have gutter guards installed on them so falling leaves and debris don’t ever get in the gutters to stop them up. In addition, as an added benefit, you won’t ever have to clean your gutters again.

An Air Conditioning Inspection

In the spring before you first turn on your A/C unit is the best time to have an air conditioning inspection. The inspector can clean all the components, oil or grease all the moving parts and check to make certain that every part is working correctly. This inspection even includes checking your thermostat, an outdoor compressor and any parts that may be indoors in your attic. This type of maintenance is proactive rather than reactive and if you need parts replaced, you can get them early in the season. Nothing is worse than having a company or a family gathering and you turn on the air conditioner only to have hot air coming out of the vents.

The Addition of a Deck and an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor decks with a kitchen are very popular among homeowners for several reasons. It extends your dining pleasure outdoors so you can eat al fresco on any given night. You can add a grill, refrigerator, and a wood-fired pizza oven along with an outdoor fireplace. This type of addition to your home also increases the value of your home, so it actually pays for itself over time. A covered outdoor space also prevents the sun from shining into your house and thus lowers your cooling bills with energy efficiency.