Vital Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Kitchen Designer

These will serve as a quick guide to get started. These top tips will guide you when it comes to choosing the best kitchen designer for your project.

The evaluation process is not as hard as you think, one major key is to be focused and organized, do not be seduced by the many designs you come across in magazines and different showrooms you might have visited. Yes, I know they look so beautiful but finding the right designer you feel comfortable working with is key. Once you have come across one, ask these vital questions.

#1: How do you plan on providing me with the best of designs?

get the professional to show you at least three of his/her designs or plans, the plan is to find out how creative the designer is with his works. You need to know how your space is going to be maximized.

#2: How long is this going to take?

Four weeks? One week? Or according to your client’s timetable? This will keep you in the hook of the time frame of the entire project and how long is going to take to complete. This will also help you know how well it fits with your timing or clients timing, it will also be ideal to ascertain if the firm has a policy on changes in the course of the design process.

#3: How do you keep track of industry progressions, new ideas, and products?

Does the designer sit all day in the office? Does he/she attend seminars and conventions on kitchen remodeling? Does the designer have different design books in his or her office? Have them explain how they keep tab with the ever-evolving world.

#4: How long have you been designing kitchens?

Get he/she to fill you in on how long they have been in the business of designing and remodeling of kitchens, just a brief information is enough, the experience is great in this business.

#5: Can I know about any of your special achievements or proudest moments in this industry?

Achievements and attainments in this industry mean a lot, it shows involvements, passion, and motivation in the business. It is vital to be aware of the designers’ career highlights. has a lot of achievements and users’ positive reviews.

#6: What if something goes wrong during the project?

Who is responsible for damages, hikes or increments? What are the issues that could be faced during the process? Can you show me the policies of the firm? Think of other possible scenario and ask questions, look forward to a well-grounded response.

Irene Davis

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