Why Super White Dolomite Makes A Brilliant Choice For Kitchen Countertop?

Every home owner looks to get an appealing look and feel by installing Super White Dolomite Sydney. Dolomite slabs are now most sought after for most residential and commercial projects because of their attractive looks and durability. It is much harder to etch than marble, and installing Super White Dolomite Sydney brings elegance and a classy look to the house where they are installed. Also, the Dolomite slabs require relatively less maintenance when compared with other kitchen countertops.

What is a Dolomite?

Dolomite, also known as dolostone is a sedimentary rock which comprises of the primary mineral called as dolomite. This rock is found across the globe, especially on the sedimentary basins. It is formed when the limestone and lime mud come into contact with the magnesium rich ground water. This process is known as dolomitisation. The dolomite stones are very similar to the limestone, hence they share the similar colour scheme and composition.

Here are some reasons why the Dolomite stone benchtops make the best choice for your kitchen –

  • It is available in a wide selection of shades, so you don’t have to worry about finding a shade to choose your home’s interior. Moreover, the pearly and glassy appearance, offers a classy and lustrous look to your kitchen. The vivid veins on the white dolomite, forms a beautiful contrast if your kitchen has a darker surface.
  • The super white dolomite cost is affordable and inexpensive, while they can stay strong for years with minimal maintenance.
  • Dolomite stone benchtops are resistant to etching, scratch resistant and hence are highly durable.
  • If cleaned and sealed properly, the dolomite stone would require very less maintenance.
  • The Dolomite stone can be customised according to your requirements, and offer the perfect surface to store your kitchen utensils and appliances.

How To Care For The Super White Dolomite Stone Slabs?

Irrespective of the material type, density and durability it ensures, it is always best to take necessary care of your stone. Though the stones can be treated rough than others, there is no specification as to how rough you can treat. Hence it is best to seal your Super White Dolomite. Also, it is advisable to clean up the spills once you notice them on the countertop, avoid putting hot pots and pans straight on to the surface and avoid chopping on the slab without the chopping board. With these simple steps, and a little care, your Super White Dolomite can last longer than other stones.

**Disclaimer: Please note this is not to be relied upon as advice or any form of representation in relation to the properties or performance of the above listed product(s). This is solely for promotional purposes, please consult your stone specialist prior to selecting or purchasing any of the above listed product(s).