Top Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

The more successful your real estate firm is, the less time you have to manage lead creation and management. Nowadays, technology has become a massive part of how real estate agents find and manage leads, and statistics show that most real estate agents haven’t fully embraced it yet.

Here are the top ways to generate real estate leads with the help of technology and social media.

Make use of web-based CRM

A solid customer management system makes it easier for you to engage with visitors, follow up, and be diligent in supplying information to your customers. As a result, everything listed will be automated, saving you energy and time.

Depending on the CRM system you select, it can automate lead creation via online forms, employ data analysis to strengthen relationships with customers and leads, manage events and reminder systems, provide an integrated user experience, and much more.

Since the market is highly competitive, you must invest in a high-quality web-based customer relationship management system to generate real estate leads. It is an excellent technique to gather leads for practicality while also assisting brand image by appearing professional and modern.

Advanced Search Site

Adopting modern strategies is crucial to stand out from the crowd and become irreplaceable by the customers.

Advanced Portal Search refers to the different search options that every top real estate website has. The advanced portal search includes everything from live map searches that are updated based on the zoom to saved searches, email alerts for saved searches, and search results that are updated immediately.

Make use of analytics

You must know what’s going on in the market, the trends, what works, and what’s coming next in the industry. You cannot do that without much information about customers’ actions and current demand.

One of the most efficient ways to spot trends is to make internal usage analytics for your IDX website. The data you get is tailored to the needs of your business.

If you decide to use Market Reports for analytics, you will have an advantage because you will be able to track how your site is used and see which listings, neighborhoods, complexes, and searches are the most popular. Based on how specific you want to be, it can show you how a detailed listing did on a particular date or how popular a specific neighborhood is with your audience.

Visit conferences

Nearly every month, numerous Expos and tradeshows are held across the nation. These events are great places to find high-quality leads where you can go often. To draw potential customers, you can even decide to exhibit at these events.

Numerous homebuyers stop by the neighborhood real estate expo to weigh their alternatives. You can approach them and try to build a trustworthy relationship. Or you could pass out some flyers and trade some business cards.

Online advertising

Any prospective homeowner’s first step is to conduct research online. To make sure that people can discover you, you should consider purchasing a listing there. However, you may also advertise on other search engines like Bing in addition to Google.

In addition to search engines, you should unquestionably consider social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube for your advertising


Each of these steps, taken all at once or separately, will make your life as a real estate agent easier. Not only will they yield leads, but they will also help your team manage them efficiently and effectively.