Why Is Clay Brick Considered As A Superior Wall Cladding Material?

Clay Bricks have been around for a very long time, they are traditional and a trusted source of material that many would recommend. Clay Brick is used often; it can be used on the ground or for walls and new builds as well as renovation projects on older buildings. These durable, low maintenance resources have so much more to offer.

Here are some of the benefits that clay Bricks have to offer;

  • Natural resource– Clay bricks are natural compared to many other types of materials because they are made out of shale and clay.
  • Centuries-old– This type of building material has managed to withstand the test of time; it was used for construction purposes historically and is still as relevant today.
  • Low maintenance– One of the perks of this material is that it is incredibly low maintenance and needs no altering to make it appear attractive to the eye.
  • Eco-Efficient- Clay bricks are great because they are fully recyclable and can be used over and over again, so with regards to sustainable material, these bricks tick all the boxes of green eco-efficient and friendly.

It’s usually a choice of material commonly used for outer cladding home walls, most likely due to its advantageous points, many of which are a necessity when it comes to the homes we live in,

Here are some of the advantages of using clay bricks for exterior wall cladding;

  • Fireproof-Clay bricks are fire resistant and can delay a fully-fledged fire from completely destroying a material; this offers peace of mind to any person resident knowing that they have the much-needed time to depart, should the inevitable happen.
  • Windproof-Clay bricks are incredibly durable, and unlike many other types of brick, these strong ones are very good at protecting, so for any inhabitants, it offers reassurance that they are safe in residence such high wind destructions suddenly develop.
  • Damp-proof-When it comes to moisture and damp accumulation newer designs which concentrate on tightly sealed insulation fail to provide efficient airflow, thus resulting in damp and mould, but Clay brick has never failed when it comes to allowing the right amount of airflow whilst keeping a building well insulated at the same time.
  • Insulation-Clay bricks are good at insulating a building, and unlike some other materials, these energy-efficient bricks very cleverly manage to get things just right, they release the right amounts of heat managing to keep homes cool in the day and warmer at night, thus saving on energy bills.
  • Durability-Clay bricks are known to last for a very long time. In fact, due to its natural properties (which naturally withstand all sorts of conditions over time), these bricks which have been used by architects for centuries have proven to be extremely durable since any old-aged constructions still stand firm today.
  • No extra cost-Most people now chose highly cost-effective building materials, and that is why they tend to choose clay brick. Clay brick cladding require no extra cost once they have been initially purchased for construction. After construction these bricks require no costly maintenance to repair damage which other brick materials tend to accumulate, most commonly noted repair jobs for other materials tend to be due to warping, rotting, fading, denting, chipping, peeling and even termites but these types are considerably durable when it comes to the elements so offers peace of mind to the property owner.
  • Resale benefits- Clay brick buildings are known to sell for more than buildings with other types of material. This is generally due to the durability of the brick, and buyers often want something that is known to last for the longevity, thus being cost-effective.