How To Care For Your Hardwood Flooring

Whether you are building a new home or making a few changes to an existing one, flooring is important. Flooring is one of the very first things people notice when they enter your property. If you want to go for a warm and elegant look, there is nothing better than hardwood flooring. 

Hardwood flooring comes with its own set of issues. Every season brings new challenges, be it summer, winter, or monsoon. You are investing a lot of money into your floors, so learning how to protect your investment is important. The team at planchers Decor Chantilly can help you pick the right flooring as well as tell you how to care for them. 

Tips for caring for your hardwood flooring 

  • Put down mats at all entrances. 

Flooring is supposed to be walked on. Therefore, it is not surprising that your hardwood flooring will accumulate dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles. To prevent this:

  • Place a mat at all the entrances that lead to the interior of your home.
  • Ask your guests and other visitors to wipe their feet before entering.
  • If you can, ask them to take their shoes off to prevent dents or damage. 

  • Keep your pets’ nails trimmed. 

If you have furry companions in your home, like many other homeowners, you need to be extra careful. Many people consider their pets a part of their family and thus, allow them to stay inside the house all day long. 

While there is no problem in loving your pet, it would be wrong to ignore the damage they can cause with their paws. Keep their nails trimmed to prevent scratches on the floor. 

  • Clean spills immediately. 

While hardwood flooring is durable, it is still important to wipe away any spills as soon as they occur. Use a dry or damp cloth to clean the spills instead of wet mops, as they cause more damage over time. Wood expands and contracts depending on the moisture level. Therefore, it is important to maintain the humidity levels to avoid cupping, splitting, and gapping of the floor. 

  • Sweep or dust mop regularly. 

If you are a lazy person who does not like cleaning the house regularly, maybe hardwood flooring is not the right choice. Sweeping and dusting the floor with a dry cloth on a daily basis is important to keep it clean and prevent scratching and staining. According to The National Wood Flooring Association, one should sweep their hardwood floors every day.