A well-maintained roof is crucial for every house. If your rood has served you for multiple years and has started to show signs of trouble, then it is time to consider a replacement. Roof replacement is not a cheap option but getting it done may have a long-term value than low-cost repairs. Burlington eavestrough repairs can assess the condition of your existing roof and help you to make the right decision. Following are some criterions which will help you to decide whether it is the right time to invest in new roofing or not.

  1. Time:

Everything has a lifespan attached to and the material which is used in your home’s exterior is no different. It is susceptible to constant wear and tears. The roof cannot last forever and as soon as it approaches its recommended service life, it will start to give in. For example, organic asphalt shingles have a recommended life span of 20 years and the clay tiles and slates can last up to 100 years. If not maintained properly then they may not reach their life expectancy. Consider the age of the existing roof before investing in a new one. Problems like curling, missing shingles and roof leaks are quite common in roofs which have exhausted their service life.

  1. Severe Weather:

Severe weather conditions are one of the most common causes of roof damage. If the roof has been exposed to severe damage due to a natural disaster like hailstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes or wildfires, the chances are that you might have to consider getting your roof replaced. These harsh weather conditions can also rip off the shingles which could damage the gutters and cause serious leaks even on a newly installed roof.

3     Ice Dams:

Ice dams are a common winter phenomenon. it happens when ice and snow build-up at the edges of shingles of the roof and under the shingles. Eventually, the ice melts and the water can easily penetrate through the layers of the roof causing significant damage to the house.

  1. Moss Growth:

If your house is situated in a shady, dark or damp area then moss may begin to grow under the shingles of the roof. Moss damage is dangerous as it locks in the moisture underneath the shingles causing them to rot. Some roofing shingles are treated to prevent this but it’s a form of damage which if ignored can compel you to replace the entire roofing.

  1. Poor Maintenance:

Regular maintenance helps the roofing to live up to its full lifespan. The servicing of the roof should be conducted at least once annually. Some roofing may require more regular maintenance especially those which are situated in an area which has severe weather conditions.