Driveway Heating Provides the Best Benefits in winter

The driveway heating system works the same as house floor heating. It is virtually the same radiant heating application, but this time it is used in an outside atmosphere. Now, you have to deal with heated asphalt, concrete, paving stones or other surfaces suitable for driveways instead of heated floors. The Radiant in floor heating systems are installed under the driveway, and the power source or boiler is placed either in the workshop or in your house. The snow melting systems come with additional features, and you can choose the particular brand and additional features according to your requirements. This may involve applications such as precipitation and temperature sensors, timers and, landscape lighting.

There are two main types of heating systems for the driveway: hydronic powered systems and electric powered systems. Such two have a major difference in terms of expense, repair, implementation, and design.

  1. Electric Powered Heating Systems

Electric heating systems have resistance wires which are placed below or inside the ground. This electric system connects to conventional power and heats the surface quickly. The activation ranges from sensors to switches and even timers. These are normally hung on the wall in a control box. The hydronic powered systems come in the form of a hydronic device that is linked to a boiler system with plastic tubing under the driveway surface. To heat the ground, hot water and antifreeze are pumped through the piping.

Electrical systems are easy to install and operate, and it has a lower installation cost. They also need tiny space for installation and a little maintenance. Its primary benefit is quick heating. However, the main disadvantage is its high running cost due to the rising costs of electricity. Nevertheless, they are economical in the long run and provide the best performance in severe weather conditions like heavy snowfall. For the pump, boiler, and manifold, they require a little space.

  1. Radiant Heating System

The radiant heating system comes with its huge benefits when you choose it for your driveway. First of all, there are fewer requirements for winter maintenance and it reduces accident or injury risks. It increases your property value while you think about future selling. Besides, you don’t need to use salty water and methods to clear the snow with the radiant heating system.

You can mount the device under an existing surface of the driveway. But, if it is aged and due for replacement in five years, you may need to repair the driveway. This will worth your money in long terms.