What is better PG or Independent House?

There will be no complexities arise when you know what you want and why you want the same. Similarly, in case of choosing the accommodation type such as either you want to live in a PG for couples in Bangalore or in an Independent house. But before to take a decision, keep it clear in your mind that which place is better to live on the basis of various factors.

To make it easier, let us look clearly at the below points and decide whether which of the two suited the best.

Affordability: This is the top factor as which accommodation is better for you in terms of affordability. But lets us face it as PG homes are better in such cases as compared to an independent house. Try to compare all the facilities with the associated expenses and whether you are able to afford to same or not. Sometimes landlords are greedy, crazy for rents and want deposit amount too.

Security: For young people, it is must opt for the rent rooms or flats that are secured for living. Flat, as well as PG homes, are at an entirely different level in such case. According to the security, there is a need to live with the better roommates in case of PG accommodation in Bangalore and Independent houses only depend on you as you’re living alone over there.

Amenities: A middle-class student did not afford to live in an independent house as PG homes are a better option. Independent house does not offer any kind of decent facilities such as cooked food, dirty toilets, WiFi and so on. But all such Amenities are easily available at ladies pg near manyata Tech Park along with the payment of bills that are included in the rental payments.

Food: Only food will help a person to study or work well in their particular food. These basic amenities must be provided because they do not have much time to cook food due to a hectic schedule. In the case of PG, you can get the cooked food through the landlords but you have to hire a cook or use Tiffin service in case of an independent house. However, living in an independent house add burden to the pocket.

Utilities and Bills: Apart from the electricity, water and internet bills, you need to look over the housekeeping and laundry as it is not at all provided in both cases. Either you have to hire a maid or do it by yourself.

Restrictions: There are no such rules and regulations of late-night outs and food from outside in case of the independent house but there are chances that some strict landlords put limits to the Paying guests from no late light to order food from outside.

Privacy: If you are a person you want to be a private space for yourself, and then PG is not your cup of tea as you have to share space with others and it spoils your privacy. However, privacy can be maintained through living in an independent house where no one will disturb you and you can spend some quality time alone.

On the basis of all these factors, it is crystal clear that PG suits your pocket but independent houses are best in case of privacy and freedom.