Gated community vs. Independent Villas – Which is better?


Everyone faces some trouble or another when comes to making a decision. It becomes harder when it comes to making up our minds about houses. Too many cooks spoil an egg. This can be interpreted in terms of making a mess out of our own decisions with so many options and choices. Whether one should go for a flat, a villa or a gated community provided by projects like Provident Woodfield, there isn’t any easier way to decide. It indeed requires some brainstorming. But to make things easier, this article will cover the pros and cons of a gated community and an independent villa.

Keep reading on and maybe you will end up with a decision yourself.

Security of Private Villa v/s Gated Community

Comfortable living or lifestyle comes from a sense of security from our homes. Otherwise, it would be panic on our heads. If we take up this one standard, gated communities rule over it. It would be guarded by trained professionals and have 24/7 automated surveillance systems. No doubt, a private villa can have the same but it would leave a huge dent in the pockets of the owner.

Which is easier to maintain?

Irrespective of whether you use the amenities or the facilities of a gated community, you have to provide with the maintenance charges. However, in the case of a private villa, you use it according to your comfort. You can close the swimming pool all winter and go back to it only in the summers. This means that even the maintenance will be done according to the needs.

Locations matter to what extent?

Buying an independent villa in major cities can be very hard. For example; if you are looking to buy a villa in cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to afford it [at least not for another ten years]. On the other hand, gated communities are cheaper. You have the choice of renting a place or buying a plot there. That’s way better than a loan of a lifetime due to some random villa shopping you did.

You can start your more detailed research from Provident plots. It will help you to balance your pros and cons.