WETROOMS- An Unstoppable Bathroom Trend

Does your bathtub take up too much space in your bathroom? Do you end up day by day taking showers in the bathtub and not exactly a soaking bath?

Is your shower cabin completely out of date and in urgent need of refurbishment?

Well, in this case, you should rethink small works that will enhance your bathroom and bring you more comfort and well-being.

Wetrooms are a current trend as they are discreet and allow for continuous space configuration as well as easy access to the shower area. Attractive design, simple cleaning, and hydraulically optimized flow technology distinguish these solutions.

This type of design is far more practical and attractive, as the bathroom floor joins the shower tray, creating aesthetic and visual uniformity.

This proposal is on the agenda and is increasingly sought by anyone who wants a modern bathroom.

A Wetroom, besides its aesthetic component, has several other advantages:

  • Fits all shapes and sizes of bathrooms and can be installed in a multitude of ways and settings: in the centre, under sloping ceilings, angled, or small bathrooms.
  • When installed at ground level, it becomes practical, functional and allows entry into the shower to be free of obstacles, simplifying use for both the elderly and children or people with reduced mobility.
  • Easy to maintain since the tile lasts for almost a lifetime. It has no corners like a traditional shower, which facilitates its cleaning;

The principle of a wetroom recalls the ancient Roman terms: open entirely to the outside (or protected by a glass wall), the slab is at ground level or slightly higher integrating the floor, which guarantees a modern and attractive look.

A wetroom is a fully tiled floor-to-wall shower. There is no step to enter the shower, and all elements are on the same level.

As for materials, the wetroom allows all styles, ensuring a chic and natural result: waxed concrete, tiles, marble, teak, stone, mosaic. There are plenty of options to choose from, choose what you like, according to the style of your home.

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