Why Should You Consider Removing the Asbestos?

Asbestos usage was pretty common in the yesteryears which is not commonly seen today. Asbestos was pretty durable and the fibres were microscopic in nature. They were extremely resistant to fire or any other sort of physical damage. This is why they have been widely used for commercial or domestic purposes. But this particular material has multiple well-documented health risks associated with it. A rare form of cancer, mesothelioma is also associated with this. This form of cancer can affect the linings of heart, lungs or even the abdomen. This makes us wonder why we should be removing asbestos right away. 

The associated health risks

It is not necessary that any presence of asbestos around you is going to be harmful. If the asbestos is in right condition, it won’t release the fibres or the particles into the environment. It is when the surface of the asbestos sheets is damaged or worn out, these risks arise and this is when you should consider its removal. Besides mesothelioma, there are other issues that might be affecting you physically and they are:

  • Asbestosis or scarring in the lungs
  • Lung cancer
  • Non-cancerous situations like pleural disease 
  • Respiratory ailments 
  • Reduced functioning of the immune system

Why shouldn’t you remove asbestos yourself?

Even if you have spotted a worn-out sheet of asbestos around you or if you are planning a major renovation ahead, it is not at all advised to remove the existing sheet yourself. Doing this job yourself might call in for more harm. You can be exposed to unwanted quantities of fibres or you can also lead to the added spread of the existing particles and fibres. It is better to call and let the professionals do the job. They have the right expertise, skills and tools to remove the sheets safely and ensure there are no more fibres around you. 

Testing for the asbestos 

Before beginning the projects, any professional will first be checking for the existence of fibres and particles around you. They test for the asbestos by analysing the samples and monitoring the air. Polarised light microscopy is used to check for asbestos in building materials. If there are traces of asbestos found, the professionals will be proceeding further with the removal process. 

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