Types And Many Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are window treatments that consist of wood or faux wood louvers placed in a solid frame. The louvers of the screens are controlled by a tilt rod. It is hidden at the back or in the middle of the shutter.

Shutters are much different from blinds. The screens control the amount of light and air coming into a room. Blinds are maintained by controlling the amount of light and air coming into a room like plantation shutters, but they do not offer much insulation. Interior shutters, on the other hand, are durable and created to give you savings on your energy bills.

Shutters reflect heat out of the window during summer months and keep warm air inside during cold winter months. All of this can lead to lower utility bills.

The advantages of shutters are the ease of maintaining them. To keep your curtains looking fresh and new, wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth. Screens also give you control over privacy and the flow of air. Most importantly, their lovely design highlights and complements home décor.

Other advantages are easy maintenance. They are sturdy and can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner brush. Wiping them down with a clean cloth is another way to keep them clean. Another advantage is how adapt plantation shutters are to awkward shapes of windows in older homes.

Also, they are durable. Durability is especially great when it comes to hot kitchens and steamy bathrooms. And, for rooms that get a lot of exposure from the sun, they make an excellent choice. With ample light control, you won’t have to be concerned with glare on your TV or when wanting privacy from your windows. Also, shutters work well for large windows. They come in a bi-fold track style, and they fold accordion-style when opened.

When it comes to keeping children safe from sharp edges or unprotected outlets, plantation shutters erase worry because the window coverings work with levers that are attached to the window coverings. Having cordless shutters provide safety for children and offer peace of mind to parents.

Types of shutters to consider are Rolling Hurricane, Arched Plantation, Exterior Plantation, Double Hung, and Bi-fold shutters.
One tip that may help you decide on shutters is purchasing them online. Purchasing online can be economical and save you time. Search online shutter websites to find the type of curtains that will work for you. If money is a concern, look at faux wooden shutters. They are lovely and cost less than wood shutters.

Most importantly, check the quality of the material. When buying shutters, you want window coverings that are quality wood. Then, measure your windows. Choose window coverings with a measurement that fit your windows the best.

Another important thing to consider is the measurement of your window. Opt for window coverings with sizes that fit your windows in the best way. Keep in mind; there are two types of wooden plantation shutters; outside mounted and inside mounted. If you have enough space for the curtain to fit well with the wall, choose inside-mounted shutters. However, if there is not enough space for the screen, then an outside mount would be a better choice.

To conclude, plantation shutters are window treatments that consist of wood or faux wood louvers placed in a solid frame. Louvers on the shutters are maintained by a tilt rod which is at the back or in the middle of the shutter. Visit your nearest home improvement store soon and find out more. Find out if this window option would work for you and your family.

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