Trendy Basement Design Ideas for Renovation

Basements traditionally have been places considered as unused space and for some kids, it is a scary place to venture into. However, the old concepts are changing as homeowners find new and innovative ways of making it more useful that can add value to their property and life as well.

If you have been looking for remodeling your basement, then you should have finished basement design ideas. Here are some of the ideas that might help you in bringing about a radical change.

Open Space is Still in Fashion:

Open space would mean tearing apart walls to create a space that can give a sense of community. You can have multipurpose spaces that include space for theaters, game rooms, family gathering room, bar area and each room would be interconnected with each other.

It can be an Extension of Your Home:

Previously, homeowners looked at the basement as a canvas where they can experiment with their designing ideas. It was more about space for exercising creative freedom. However, in recent times, homeowners are making the basement as part of their home. It could be a game room, a bedroom or a home theater but the design aesthetics and color schemes do not change radically. In fact, the tone remains as the rest of the home.

Luxurious Guest Suits:

If you have friends and family members visiting your home regularly, then you can turn the basement into a guest suite. It can have a bedroom, a wet bar, a kitchen and a bathroom. However, it depends upon the available space and your budget.

Gym and Spas are stillPopular Ideas for Basement:

If you have a bigger space, then you can bring in a variety of machines to create a gym. Going a step ahead, you can certainly bring a sauna, massage table to turn it into a spa. If you have a small place, then you can still make it a small gym and mini-spa.

It can be Space for Entertainment:

If you are a lover of music, then you can change the basement into a music hall. You can make it sound proof so that you can practice piano, guitar or call your friends for jam sessions. You can have a dance floor too. However, it depends upon the space and budget that you have for the renovation.

Ideal for Home Home-office:

If you are someone who works at home, then this place can serve as a good place for a home office. However, you need to makes sure that you have the best furniture, right lighting and adequate storage. However, this demands you to be a little creative and seek professional help.

If you are unsure about the budget and space management, then you should consider hiring basement renovation service provider. There are specialized basement designers who can carry out a feasibility study before giving you plans. It is important to carry out a feasibility study because soil type and water level play an important role in the designing process. It is a good idea to hire experts to design your basement.