Tips for Hiring a Contractor in Chicago

Before hiring an individual or service, conducting ample research is in order. Hiring a Chicago contractor, in particular, is an especially tedious process. Fortunately, there are numerous steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of getting bamboozled by a contractor. The following pearls of wisdom aim to breathe convenience into the process of hiring a competent Chicago-based contractor.

Pick Some Brains

Whether a friend, family member or neighbor, someone in your community is bound to have hired a contractor once or twice. If you’re wholly unfamiliar with the process, consider asking others for both advice and recommendations. After all, they’ve already learned from experience. Don’t underestimate the power of garnering information via the grapevine.

Certify Their Credentials

If you’ve come across an unlicensed contractor, they’re not acting in accordance with Chicago law. Unfortunately, the market is rife with this sort of trickery. Not only is operating without a license unethical, but it’s bad for business as well. Any contractor worth their salt will have taken the time and effort to acquire the necessary credentials. If you hire a licensed contractor, you can be sure they’re well read in their field.

Exhaust Online Resources

These days, the web is a treasure trove of consumer insight. From online reviews to testimonials, you can obtain information on just about any business. The Better Business Bureau is an especially useful outlet when hunting for a proficient contracting company. No doubt a legitimate source, the Better Business Bureau conducts thorough research in hopes of advancing marketplace trust.

Speak with Previous Clients

Perhaps there’s no better way to get an accurate rundown of a company’s services than by speaking with previous clients. They have nothing to lose, and you don’t have to worry about them overselling a product or company for financial gain. If your desired contractor is trustworthy and transparent, they’ll provide you with a list of past customers, no questions asked.

Don’t Be Swayed by Money

If a price sounds too good to be true, you can bet that it is. Contractors who are eager for business but lack professionalism will attempt to entice you with beguiling tricks including low bids and quotes. If you experience this, get out of dodge! A seasoned contractor will give you a detailed description of their services, go over your needs, and then lay the money figures on you. If they lead with money, that’s a glaring red flag.