How to Stay Safe While You Are Travelling on British Railways?

In the UK there are an increasing amount of people who commute via train. It is estimated that around 429 million people across the country travel via national railways. At the same time, the violent crime has also increased in London’s Underground by 43 percent in the last three years. This means there’s a more need of security personals across the country and there’s a shortage of armed forces in the UK.

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Here is our advice if you are traveling via a train, how you can keep yourself safe:

  • Travel in a more crowdy carriage

If you are scared of getting injured in a crowded carriage as last years around 4,000 injuries took place on London Underground. Well, the worse news is that the lonely passengers who are away from the sight of other passengers or only a few passengers can see them are getting attacked more in the train. Therefore, whenever you choose a carriage of a train, choose one that has a lot of people in it.

  • Choose Your Seat Near CCTV Cameras

There are no to very fewer chances that anyone would try to commit theft or assault someone if CCTV is watching them. The CCTV will have record proof of the crimes if it happens in its vicinity. Also, CCTV of railways are constantly monitored, and they staff monitoring the CCTV will instantly inform cops if something wrong is taking place. So, when you get up on a train, select a seat that CCTV can see.

  • Be Always Alert

You should be aware whenever you board a train. Check if anyone is standing too near to you or behind you, or they are leaving or boarding the train with you. Make sure that your luggage and jackets are closed securely. Make sure your mobile is kept safely inside your pocket. If you are carrying any high-value item, make sure to keep them securely and always have an eye on them.

  • Use Your Phone Less

It’s easy for thieves to snatch a mobile from your hand and run. So, the best is that you don’t use your mobile in areas where you feel it isn’t safe to use the mobile. You should choose a place that’s safe before using your phone.

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