7 Benefits of Loft Conversions

1. Add Value to the Home

Experts agree that loft conversion in London help improve the value of a home. They increase the value by more than 20%. The good thing about loft conversions is that they cost too little yet add a lot of value. Moreover, the payback on your investment is quite massive when you decide to sell the house. With high tax breaks for those renting spare rooms in their houses, you can generate extra income and save money on your taxes. For instance, you can rent out to a foreign student and make additional money from the extra space.

2. Avoid the Cost of Moving

Other than stamp duty, property costs, and solicitor fees, the cost of moving keeps on increasing with each year. One of the primary benefits of the loft conversion is that you can decide to stay in the area. Thus, you will not need to find a new job or commute or even settle your kids in another school. In fact, stamp duty is nearly equal to the cost of a loft conversion.

3. Increase Your Property Space

You should note that loft conversion is not an extra room only, but it provides extra storage space to your stairs and reduces the strain on other rooms.

4. Add Views

If you are used to looking to other property across the street from the windows, it can be delightful to look from the loft’s windows.

5. Add Natural Light

You can add Velux windows to your loft to bring in an adequate amount of sunlight. This is possible with the positioning, angles, and height of the windows.

6. Save Time and Money

A loft conversion is one of the home improvements that add a lot of value to the home. This is because it is cheaper than most home improvements.

7. Energy Efficiency

It is a good idea to consider the amount of energy your home consumes. Loft conversion helps improve the energy efficiency of your home.

James Loveland

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