Find a Welding Cabinet for All Your Storage Needs

Keep all supplies and welding tools well ordered in one place with a welding cabinet that is heavy duty. This cart is smooth rolling with drawers for organizing everything you need in storage space. Steel walls that are heavy duty keep your tools as well as consumables safe from dirt, dust as well as weld spatter.


A good welding cabinet [ ตู้เชื่อม , which are the term in Thai ] features:

  • Tough steel construction;
  • Smooth-rolling casters;
  • 1 cabinet bin with 3 drawers;
  • Hang hose and cables on hooks;
  • Stand for cylinders of gas.

4 Drawers Cabinet Welding Cart

You might want a welding cart for expediency while doing welding task. If you are looking for one that is practical, there is a 4-Drawer Wheeled Portable Steel Welding Cart that is recommended highly. With wheel built-in, it is easy and smooth to move, quite labour saving. Made of premium steel materials, this welding cart is reliable as well as durable for long time use. It will support up to 100 lbs of weight. It is designed with 4 drawers, allowing you to put welding tools inside for carrying convenience. This is a practical cart bringing you endless convenience.


This 4 drawer cart features:

  • Practical for welding work task;
  • Solid structure for good durability and reliable use;
  • 4 drawers offering large room for welding tools;
  • Premium steel with delicate workmanship;
  • Wheels for smooth movement;
  • Supports up to 100 lbs bearing capacity.

Size you need

If Falcon does not have the size that you need, it is certain they can try to order what you need. Or you can also find other sizes on the internet.

You need these parts for field welding, among other things. Would you like to know more about field welding? Then call on a specialist.