Solar panel – helps you to save electricity bill

Solar power panels can prove to be very a great addition to your house as it can surely reduce the electricity bill and moreover if you make use of solar panel to get energy you are also contributing towards green energy. However, when you think of having a solar panel at your place then it is important for you to know that you need to handle wide variety of task.

At first you need to hire an expert engineer who can evaluate or do the site survey. Sire survey is important because solar panel needs to be directed towards the south so before the installation it is good for you and company to know about the roof structure, so that every panel is installed rightly and towards the direction facing south. In order to know more and get the quotes, you can visit GetSolarPrices.

More about panel survey

If panel is not installed correctly or towards south then solar generation does not get up to the point and you don’t get the performance that you expect from your solar panel.  Moreover, in survey, engineer also make sure that there is no tree or building blocking the passage of sun to fall on panel because if there is building or any tree in between sun and your roof then there is no point of installing solar panel at your place.  

Survey also determines whether your roofs can bear the weight of solar panel or not. This is because solar panel weighs almost a ton or above, so it is very important for you to check the roof quality.  Furthermore, one of the biggest considerations that you need to make is how many kilo watt solar panels you need.

When choosing solar panel it is best to look at your previous bills at first if your house consumption is more than 9.5 Kilo watt then it is best for you to get at least 14 kW of solar power for best power supply throughout home.

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