How Can Carpet Cleaning Prevent Pests?

For many homeowners, keeping their property pest free is a top priority. We’re always looking for new ways to keep our homes neat, clean and most important, free from pest infestations. A great way to keep your carpets pest free is steam cleaning and even carpet extraction. Pests hate both, so it really keeps your home protected from infestations.

Carpet Extraction

This is a fairly new techniques that literally pulls any types of pests out of your carpets. It uses a powerful suction machine that pumps hot water into your carpet, making sure any nests and pests are extracted from the fibres.

Using hot water and the powerful suction of carpet extraction forces all pests out of the carpet and into the machine. This means any pests that were lurking in your rugs will be sucked up and sent out of your home. Many corporate and office buildings regularly use this technique, as it’s really effective on a large

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is much like carpet extraction. It uses hot steam to lure pests out of their hiding spots. The pests then get killed by the high temperatures. Steam cleaners are great at getting rid of pests, and it can be used as regularly as you like as part of your cleaning routine. They’re also not too expensive to buy or hire.

Another great advantage of steam cleaning is that it only uses water. This means it’s completely non-toxic and safe to use around pets and children.

Both of these methods of carpet cleaning use water and hot steam to force pests out of your carpets. They are then sucked into a machine, where pests will have no chance of coming back. Carpet extraction is for occasional use, but you can use a steam cleaner as often as you’d like. It’s a really great cleaning system you might want to consider to keep your home pest free. For more tips on keeping your home pest free, I always recommend which has some fantastic info including pest identification pages.

To make sure that your home remains pest free, you have to have a solid pest prevention routine in place. Adding carpet cleaning into your cleaning routine will make sure you are able to stay on top of any pest problems that might occur, and prevent them from spreading into the rest of your home.