4 Adventurous Theme Ideas for a Little Boy’s Bedroom

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Whether you are looking for family homes for sale in Naperville IL, or apartment rentals in a bigger city, your kiddos would benefit from having the creative freedom to pick and design the themes for their own bedrooms once you find your dream home. For little boys, there are dozens of great themes that you could implement for their bedroom décor. However, if you want to narrow down your selection, take a look at the below-detailed 4 adventure theme ideas for a little boy’s bedroom. Really, the best bedroom décor depends on the personality and interests of your kiddo. But these themes will give your muse a beginner point.

The Disney Hero

Disney is rife with silly characters, gorgeous princesses, and, of course, noble, strong heroes. There are tons of directions you can go with a Disney hero theme. If your kiddo loves Mushu for his quirks and uniqueness, deck his room in reds and golds to represent the unsung qualities of the goofy Chinese dragon. Or, if he loves the suave heroism of Prince Eric, go for an underwater motif with a sunken ship applique, a mermaid silhouette in a mural, and stormy skies on the walls.

The Traditional Prince

If your kiddo loves the traditional prince appeals, gift him with a bedroom that speaks volumes about his heroic, suave, debonair personality. Paint the walls in navy blues or royal purples, give him a gold-toned dresser, bed frame, and nightstand, and pour his toys into a cushioned toy box [kind of like the royal ottoman from Cinderella]. You should also give him floor space, so he can practice his heroics without knocking his décor over.

The Space Traveler

What little boy doesn’t love the mysteries of the starry skies and the universe? Give your little astronaut-to-be a bedroom of space travels. Paint the walls in a gradient to represent the transition from the sky-blue of Earth’s atmosphere to the navy blue/black of space. Add a few stars with silver speckles. Or, throw up some peel-off, glow-in-the-dark stars across his ceiling.

The Music Lover

Whether classical with his own instruments, or really into bands and live music, your kiddo needs a place to rock out and be himself. For music lovers, do an entire wall with chalkboard paint for his show dates and little blurbs about his music lessons and favorite bands. Then give him plenty of room to practice. Soundproofing isn’t a bad idea either.

Hopefully these 4 theme ideas will get your mind a-rolling in the right direction. Use these ideas as starters, and then ask your kiddo what décor he would prefer for his bedroom. Give him some ideas, encourage some collaboration, and imagine an awesome theme together.

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