Replacing Your AC Unit: Location is Everything

Your outdoor, AC unit is on its last legs. It’s time to replace it. This new installation offers you a chance to relocate it to a different area. You never liked its original location anyway. However, moving the AC unit to just any area in your yard isn’t without its challenges. Learn how location is everything when it comes to replacing your outdoor, AC unit.

Placing It Up and Out of the Way

Your old, AC unit sits on your patio in a corner. Moving the unit to the rooftop sounds like a smart idea. This choice is certainly common, but there are installation details to consider. All of your service lines, such as electrical wiring and refrigerant hoses, must be extended to the rooftop’s surface. They may be replaced altogether. This installation is particularly expensive so be aware of the service details.

Fighting Gravity

By placing your AC unit on the roof, it also has to fight gravity. The fluids running between your indoor and outdoor units will now have a sharp incline. Your installers must take this feature into consideration as they design a system that works. Additional parts may be necessary in these cases. Your home is unique so it will take some time for the contractors to create a plan that benefits your system and pocketbook.

Pleasing Your Neighbors

Remember that your outdoor, AC unit makes substantial noise. The fan and motor hum during its operations. Locate your system where it won’t bother your neighbors. Placing it near a fence where your neighbor’s bedroom resides won’t help your relationship. Be courteous about your installation because dense, urban areas might dictate the best area for it.

Accessing the Unit for Maintenance

Tucking the AC unit in a corner of the property where it doesn’t get in the way is the dream of every homeowner. However, maintenance personnel still need access to the unit. They must be able to visually inspect every side with access to most internal parts. Your installers will go over these details. The installation may simply require a slight alteration of a few inches.

Hiring qualified professionals for your installation is key, such as air conditioning companies Bradenton. Experience and certifications are the qualities that define a strong company. Replace your AC with confidence as you deal with expert installers during the entire process. Your household will be comfortably cool in no time.