Chimney Health is Important for Your Home and for You

A reliable chimney sweep service is an important part of home maintenance, and you’ll get the quality and peace of mind you need with Rick’s Chimney Service. Located in Milford, CT – Rick’s Chimney Service provides a variety of services as a chimney cleaner in Trumbull CT, New Haven County, and surrounding areas. From chimney relining and chimney sweeping to video inspections and chimney caps – Rick’s Chimney Service will take the best care of your chimney and ensure you have a healthy and fully functioning chimney that lasts for years.

If you are looking for chimney relining and chimney sweeping, you have come to the right place. Our professional Fairfield, CT chimney cleaning service will help to prolong the life back of your chimney. You may be noticing a build up of dirt, dust or soot – and a chimney sweeping is just what you need. Get an annual sweeping to ensure optimal health for your chimney.  If you notice your liner is cracked or damaged, you should have it replaced before you use your fireplace.

Video surveillance will help to identify any issues inside the chimney. Prevention is the best way to ensure the health of your chimney, and a video surveillance will identify everything from damaged chimney lining to blockages and cracks. If a problem is identified, it needs to be handled right away, otherwise it can affect the health of your home and the people living in it. If there is toxic gas or carbon monoxide coming from the chimney, it will seep into your home and affect your health.

Finally, if you are looking for prevention to many of these above problems, a chimney cap will prevent a lot of debris from getting inside. Animals, weathering, dust, dirt and debris can get into your chimney without a chimney cap. Prevent your chimney from having problems down the road by installing a chimney cap as the first line of protection. For any other questions or concerns, contact Rick’s Chimney Service and transform the health of your chimney today.