Prefabricated Quartz: Perfect Pick for Beautiful Countertops

For homeowners who are looking to have a beautiful quartz countertop in their home, but are worried about the time commitment and potential expensive of installing them, should consider using prefabricated countertops as an alternative that can save time and money, yet still look as great.

Quartz remains a perennial favorite material for making countertops in bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms. It’s an incredibly durable natural stone that has similar aesthetic qualities of other stones like granite or marble but usually at much lower cost and much easier maintenance. The resilience of the stone is one of the reasons why it’s so popular for use in rooms that see a lot of use, as the material won’t suffer from stains or scratches and it’s simple to wipe off regular spills.Image result for Prefabricated Quartz: Perfect Pick for Beautiful Countertops

However, some designers might be reluctant to purchase quartz countertops for their kitchen due to concerns that it’ll take a lot of investment and time to cut the stone to the perfect shape. That’s where prefabricated quartz countertops come in handy. Prefabricated means made in advance, so these countertops are already cut into various shapes that can be quickly assembled.

In terms of appearance, prefabricated quartz countertops still have the versatility that’s made quartz such a popular choice. Designs range from striking colors to a mixture of hues with the specks and other marks, so these countertops can be used to match with whatever the project.

For example, in either the kitchen or the bathroom, consider using a light gray quartz countertop with flecks of darker grays for an elegant look. This approach pairs well with the colors of stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, but also works just as well as a backsplash in the bathroom.

Or maybe the room calls for a more contrasting color choice, such as using a sheer white quartz countertop with flecks of gray that adds a nice counter to dark wood cabinets.

The colors for a prefabricated quartz countertop don’t have to be different, and using the same hue for the overall counter as well as the markings can create a nice look. One option is to use an all-beige countertop with flecks of darker beige. There’s just enough distinction between the two shades of beige for an interesting image, and one that works well with any type of units or appliances.

For a truly eye-catching alternative, use a brown quartz countertop that is covered with flecks of different shapes and colors including gold, red, and other hues of brown. The overall look is a dramatic countertop that will wow anyone who sees it, and is particularly attractive in the kitchen.

Still, sometimes simplicity is the best selection and that’s why other designers might want to use a sheer gray quartz countertop. This color is among the most adaptable available, and therefore can match with whatever the hues of the kitchen or bathroom units and appliances might be.

With all these different types of colors and styles, it’s no wonder that more and more homeowners are picking prefabricated quartz countertops for their design projects. Saving time and money – while achieving the original design goal is a combination that’s hard to beat.

Irene Davis

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