How to Disinfect the entire evaporator system in air-condition?

To disinfect the indoor exchanger, get a water sprayer and pour a jet of bleach inside and fill it with water. Now if you do not want your wife to kill you try not to stain and not stain anything. Spray all the exchanger with the secret brew you have prepared and you’ll have your air conditioning disinfected.

Do not worry about pouring water, since just below the exchanger is the drain tray, knowing this you already know that you have to be careful with what you do with the water that comes out of the tube and that many people use for various uses. Or simply, you can call the HVAC professionals to do the work in very efficient and professional way. Which is the right thing? Clean, repair or maintain the air-conditioning system on your own to save a few dollars and shut down the complex mechanism or get ease of the duty and call for the real professionals to ensure guarantee service for the next 2 years?

Commercial air-conditions

There are mainly four types of air-conditioning system in the market for commercial uses. They are,

Wall split: This model solves needs in shops and small premises such as cyber-cafes, hairdressers, barber shops, small shops, etc. It has very few differences with its domestic counterpart except for greater power and somewhat larger dimensions.

Split roof: It is ideal in small and medium-sized stores and businesses, such as bakeries, shops with high customer turnover and open environments. It has very few differences with its domestic counterpart except for greater power and an effective solution.

Centrals: This design is applied very frequently in places where extra comfort and a greater level of decoration are required. They are usually installed in large offices with a high demand for air conditioning, its cost is very high, but it is a great proposal.

Roof-Top: The Roof-Top units stand out for their easy installation. Being a compact unit, it eliminates the work of refrigeration connections, and provides maximum flexibility by allowing selection between the mouth of the side and bottom conduits.

Be careful all the time

One important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use anything sharp, because if you puncture the exchanger the joke can be expensive, so do not be a donkey, because if you click it will leave the coolant and you will not have another to call to a technician, pay for the visit, repair and subsequent loading of “gas”, so be very careful.

Once the exchangers are clean the thing does not stop there, to make a good maintenance of air conditioning is not enough to clean, it would also be disinfected since these devices can be a source rich in bacteria.