How to decorate the landscape with stones and other ideas?

If you are one of the people who do not have a lot of time or patience for gardening, or if the climate in your area is hot and it barely rains, you do not have to renounce the presence of nature. Hiring and consulting with the professional Landscaper will do the hard work for you – but, the passion must be yours. The stone is a very aesthetic natural material, capable of adding character to any area of ​​the house and, therefore, it is also highly recommended to use it for a home entrance garden. On the surface of the garden you can combine stones with small bushes, playing with the contrasts of color and textures.

Combining elements

The configuration of the garden at the entrance of the house can include very attractive elements, which highlight the beauty of the plants and the architecture of the house. A solution to have a garden at the entrance of the house when you do not have a surface in front of the access door for it, is to resort to vertical garden.

The path

The roads are important elements in a garden, they help you configure and create sensory experiences. If you have space to create a path to the entrance of the house, do not hesitate to do so. Take tone from the garden of small shrubs and stones of different sizes – elegant and inspiring. If you talk about stimulating the senses through the design of the garden, you cannot forget the smell. The aromas have an unconscious effect on your mood and your emotions, so a good alternative is to use aromatic plants, such as lavender, in your entrance garden’s path.

The one that best suits your needs

As you can see, an entrance garden allows you to play with colors and textures, transmitting pleasant sensations in a delicate way. The gardens are the spaces that can give us more happiness. However, many times they are forgotten for various reasons. One of them is the size and it is a pity because it is easier to create a nice little garden and keep it in little space, with or without the help of landscapers or gardeners.

Conclusion: architectural sense

The paths or walkways in the garden give it a very particular charm. Just look at them make you want to walk to admire the green and flowers and can be done very easily. Do not waste the corners of patios or gardens as they have a lot of potential. With a little imagination you can give them another life helping you with quarry and gravel. You can create a dreamed grove in front of them.

Irene Davis

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