Hot Tubs – How to buy cheap hot tubs

A hot tub is usually a small pool or a tub filled with hot water and is used for relaxation or in some cases for hydrotherapy. Options of a portable spa are also available that give you the same comfort and fun without spending too much.

Which are the must have features? How much is your budget? These are some questions that wilImage result for Hot Tubs – How to buy cheap hot tubsl give you clarity on what kind of hot tub can you buy. There are many varieties and features available in a hot tub. It completely depends on your budget on what type of cheap hot tubs can you buy.

Before investing in these portable hot tubs, consider the below points:

Where will it be placed?

The first point to consider is where to place it? Whether inside or outside? If the hot tub will be placed inside, there a few precautions needed. When the water tub is indoor, it will produce some moisture. So, you need to think about the time that you’ll be using this for. If it is for more time, then you need to install an exhaust fan to allow the moisture to escape. A splash guard will also be needed to avoid water from spilling out of the pool. And continuous soaking in hot water makes you feel hotter. Hence, it would be best to have the water tub installed outdoor.

How many people will use it?

There are cheap hot tubs made for just one person and for many as well. Depending on how many people use it, the size goes up and the cost also.


Portable hot tubs are a great option as they need little care only. It must have filtration, sanitation and circulation system in place. And of course, electricity and water are required. A basic hot tub must be filled with a hose and drained with a hose and should be refilled every 90 days. An ozonater is also required to kill bacteria and virus.


When buying a cheap hot tub for hydrotherapy, consider the jet count as well. Many manufacturers install a blower that just blows air into water and does not help in any pressure of bubbles.


While choosing a cheap hot tub, look for simple maintenance of the tub. Cartridge filters are one such feature that is simple to maintain.


Find out the duration of warranty not just for the tub but for repairs also.

Choosing the dealer:

Choose a dealer who is certified to sell these hot tubs and has been in the market for some time. Do check many dealers before deciding on one. If possible do a test by getting wet in the spa! And, try to negotiate as well! Check for the best price!

While buying a cheap hot tub, do not forget about the installation charges, maintenance costs and electricity bills as well. Do keep a note on how much power do they consume so that you don’t have to worry about electricity bills every time you use the tub. Invest in a good quality tub and get hassle free.


Lucille Brian

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