Geotech Drilling Services You Are Looking For

well drilling services statesboro ga is a form of drilling that is carried out as part of a construction process. It is usually carried out by specialists trained in the operation of specialized equipment under the instruction of a geotechnical engineer. When buildings and oil rigs are constructed, there is a lot of drilling involved to either investigate a site before construction commences or to set up a strong foundation. It is the role of the engineer to ensure that the geotech drilling services meet the standards of the project.

Each project requires different types of geotech drilling equipment. The drilling rigs will vary in size. You, for example, will need massive drilling rigs for the construction of the structures that are used to house the oil wells drilling equipment. There are also the smaller rigs, called augers that are mounted on trailers and can be moved by one person. Offshore oil wells drilling rigs are massive equipment that will need months to install. Geotech drilling is not suitable to use in the central coastal areas of Australia due to their high water table and muddy conditions.Image result for Geotech Drilling Services You Are Looking For

Reasons for Geotech Drilling

  • Site Analysis – This is done to establish the suitability of an area for construction. The rock and soil samples collected from such sites are analyzed by geotechnicians to establish the soils’ stability in the event of earthquakes, floods etc. 
  • Legal Requirement – Geotech drilling is a legal requirement before a building permit can be granted. The law demands continued monitoring of the site to establish its safety. This is why drilling rigs are deployed before any form of construction can take place.
  • Preparation – With the help of Geotech engineer, the site’s foundation and caissons are prepared. It is the role of the engineer to determine the best positioning for the drilling rigs because if you sink a hole at the wrong place or go about drilling using the incorrect procedure, the whole project will be delayed. 
  • Geotechnical Exploration – Sometimes Geotech drilling services are required in central coastal areas when an exploration company is looking to establish whether an area has gas, oil, and other important minerals. Drilling contractors gather samples dug from the ground and then take them to laboratories for analysis.
  • Scientific Research – Geologists and other scientific researchers will need the services of geotech drilling services contractors to help establish things such as ice cores and ice core movements, archaeology, and much more.

Sonic Drilling

Sonic drilling combines processes such as liquefaction, temporary soil porosity reduction, and inertia effects to reduce friction on the drill bit and string; and this makes penetrating the soil easy for the sonic rigs.

  • Liquefaction – In order to enhance liquefaction, the drill string vibration frequency is revved up to 150 Hz. The vibration breaks up the soil particles into a paste-like solution that allows the drill bits to penetrate a lesser stiff mass of soil rock. In effect, this process reduces friction on the drill bits. It is a process that will be very important in central coast areas such as the larger Sydney area.
  • Inertia – To ensure that the soil doesn’t get stuck on the drill bit and drill string, the bit keeps moving up and down at the rate of 150 times per second. This is especially important when you are drilling in muddy areas such as the coastal areas of Sydney. 
  • Compaction and lower porosity – The vibration of 150 Hz ensures that the soil loses its compact structure, a process that makes the soil acquire a higher density, hence lower porosity. This in effect causes the soil to open up to the drill bit without lots of resistance. As you retrieve your drill bit and string, the suction and slight vibration restore the soil to its lower density, allowing the water to seep through it again. Sonic drilling has become very important to drilling engineers conducting their drilling services in the central coastal areas of Australia.