4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Apple Orchard

You’ve researched how to run an orchard and you know how to help fruit trees thrive, but are you truly prepared to make the investment of buying acreage? Owning a fruit orchard can be a satisfying and rewarding experience, especially if you’re willing to take on the responsibilities that come along with it. To ensure you’re ready for the challenge, here are four important things to think about before buying a fruit orchard.

Land Conditions

Research the land and water rights that come with the property, and also ask how the land the orchard is on has been treated. If you want to have an organic orchard, for instance, you may need to do testing or make inquiries about the growing methods used over the last several years. You local farming associations may be able to assist you with gathering information.Image result for 4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Apple Orchard


The idea of having a vast apple orchard filled with trees and plants is wonderful, but ask yourself how much you can realistically manage. If a property is 120 acres but you only have plans to handle 50, it’s probably best to consider buying a smaller orchard. The larger your orchard is, the more time and money it will take to keep it running well.

Amenities and Housing

If you want to live on the same land as your orchard, look for property with a house on it. It’s also good to consider whether you’d like other amenities, such as a shed, greenhouse, or storage facility. If you’re looking for a Vermont apple orchard for sale with buildings on the land, companies such as West Mountain Farm can help locate what you need.

Growing Conditions

Aside from growing apples, think about whether you may want to expand beyond that in the future. The ability to successfully grow different crops and trees in your orchard can make it more sustainable and profitable. It may also be helpful if the orchard you’re considering can support animal husbandry.

Buying an orchard can be an overwhelming process, but thinking about these issues will put things in perspective. If you keep these factors in mind and are careful to research any orchard you’re interested in buying, you’ll have a much better chance of ending up with the right property for your lifestyle.