Great Wine Basket Ideas

Have you ever thought of great wine basket ideas to give as a present? Wine baskets are perfect presents that you can give for almost all kinds of occasions and this is regardless if the recipient drinks wine or not! Wine baskets are not just meant for holding wine, but it could also have other sweet and possibly interesting stuff to hold. Wine baskets also make for great wine decor in your kitchen. Here are a few ideas for making a wine basket:

The classic wine and chocolate combination is a winner when it comes to saying how much the recipient is to you. choose a couple of dark wines plus a lot of chocolate! Place these in a huge basket and design the basket with a large ribbon or sash. Remember that dark chocolates taste really great with dark wines along with fruit and cheeses.Image result for Great Wine Basket Ideas

A wine basket with delectable cookies and pastries is a delicious treat! Absolutely sparkling white wine goes well with cookies and other kinds of pastries. White wine makes cookies more scrumptious and will never overpower the taste of sweet pastries. Place cookies in tin cans and place two sparkling white wine in the basket and place cookie container in the middle.

Wine and roses are perfect wine basket ideas. Aside from long –stemmed roses, you may go wild with other flowers such as tulips, sunflowers, chrysanthemums and so many more. This wine basket present is perfect as a get-well-soon gift, as a Valentine’s Day present or as an anniversary surprise.

Another great wine basket idea is gifting wine with beauty products such as makeup, moisturizers, lotions, soaps and shampoo. A perfect present for a baby shower or a bridal shower! Place the wine bottle in the middle of a medium-sized basket and fill the rest of the basket with all the skin care products that you wish to give as a present. A pink or blue ribbon would surely “wrap” things up for this present.

Wine with bread and cheeses is another treat and this wine basket idea will surely be a sell out! Choose freshly-baked French bread, croissants, muffins, cupcakes and other delicious breads to partner with your red or white wine. To arrange all these in a basket, cover each bread with plastic to retain its crispiness and flavor. Place the wine with a bow along its neck. Place everything in the basket, arrange breads and pastries at the back of the wine bottle.