Top Reasons to Invest in Istanbul Properties


Turkey, the number one destination for domestic property sales, buys foreign property buyers is a lucrative destination for investing money in real estate. Turkish properties of recent times are known for their unbelievably low cost and immense potential for best returns possible. There were about 8,182 properties that were bought by foreigners of various nationalities. It is and over 238,383 domestic sales in 2015 itself.  Here are a few reasons why you should definitely opt for Istanbul homes, whether to stay or to invest: 

  • Affordability: There were about 40000 house sales by overseas buyers in 2018. The facts speak for themselves why Turkey is an amazing destination offering lucrative exchange rates for buying property. The prices for square meters are extremely low 10 offering extraordinary market deals for global customers. Istanbul is among the most affordable and attractive place for investing in property. 
  • Capital growth: Istanbul is quite an infant when it comes to the global real estate market. Due to its economy lack of financing and credit and even substandard urban infrastructure is the Nobel was not in the big games until recently when the government to special tomorrow nice and developed the real estate market of Turkey at par with other countries of the world. Due to it being a recent phenomenon, a property around Istanbul has enormous potential for capital growth. For example, in London, prices per square meter range from 677 % to 862 % higher.
  • Citizenship: The government significantly dropped the minimum amount of citizen investment schemes in 2018 from 1 million USD to 250.000 USD. This boosted the number of investors for properties in Istanbul. Also, when the cat the property for three consecutive years at a go, they were given residency and working rights.
  • Global Tourism: Thanks to the history of the Ottoman as well as Byzantine empires, Istanbul is a country filled with heritage. Tourism is also extremely Hike, and in 2014 in beat cities like Rome in the number of tourists per year. Branded campaigns like invest in Turkey powered by the Turkish government is turning into a global phenomenon currently. Istanbul International finance center’s recent mega project that will be considered countries equivalent of Wall Street is about to boost the economy and business-like anything and to make it an excellent opportunity for investors to make plans on real estate in Istanbul.
  • Easy Procedure: It is amazing how the overall cost of buying a property in Istanbul is low compared to other countries. Find process is extremely straight forward and all formalities are completed within a week. Title its tax is calculated as 3% of the property value, and services like agent fees, lawyers, translators, etc. are the lowest and easily affordable. All of these have major roles to play in creating a roaring trade of house sales in Turkey.

For best chances, it is essential to know that places like Tarabya, Taksim, Beyoglu, Sisli, Nisantasi, Cihangir, and Besiktas are especially famous for their luxury homes among the urban Turkish lifestyle.