Five Important Characteristics to Look for When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

High-quality cabinets for kitchens are beautiful and functional, offering functional and easy-to-use storage. But a lot of people encounter cabinet issues sooner than they should including crooked doors, dented feces, deteriorating drawers, loose hinges, sagging, and warping boxes. Such issues take place due to low-quality cabinet construction. Low-quality cabinets result in aesthetic and functional problems for homeowners. Also, they can create high installation and maintenance costs. If you are considering investing in new Armoires En Gros kitchen cabinets, you need to shop smart to avoid issues down the road. Here are the characteristics of cabinets you need to look for:

All-Plywood Construction

Typically, kitchen cabinet boxes are made of particleboard or plywood. If you want to invest in the most robust cabinets, opt for those with full plywood sides and backs. Cabinets with this type of construction maintain their shape during delivery and installation as well as resist moisture damage and handle heavy countertop weights. 

Full Height Back Panels

These cabinet characteristics are necessary for strength and ease of installation. They allow for the direct attachment of cabinets to wall studs at any point. Meanwhile, full-height back panels ensure the cabinets do not disintegrate under the weight of kitchenware and crockery. You do not want your kitchen cabinets to fall due to a weak back panel. 

I-Beam Construction

I-beams are utilised for strengthening the cabinet’s upper section to make sure they do not break or collapse.  Such a feature offers the cabinet the necessary strength to keep its shape square. But this feature can add a bit of price to your cabinets. 

Soft-Close Door Hinges

The door hinges are the most used parts of cabinets, making them susceptible to wear and tear. High-quality kitchen cabinets are made with a soft close mechanism that is built into nickel-plated, hardened steel hinges. Ensure the hinges are adjustable in six ways. Go for brands that provide standard full-overlay and six-way adjustable inset concealed hinge door hinges. 

Customisation and Modifications

Cabinets that have custom modifications offer a lot of choices of styles, sizes, and special features that match the kitchen’s unique needs and space. Stock cabinets come in very few sizes and styles; however, fully custom cabinets cost too much. Semi-custom cabinets that have modifications are a middle ground, offering a range of styles and sizes at a reasonable price. They are made as a custom project, saving manufacturers on production costs. With modifications, a high degree of customisation is allowed, although the cost is limited to certain cabinet units. They include finished interiors, glass-ready open-front doors, and beadboard ends or interiors.