5 Effective Rodent Control Strategies

Rodents are a huge problem. They can cause damage to your property, spread diseases, and even endanger the health of your family members. It’s important to take steps to prevent these pests from entering your home and causing problems. Here are five effective rodent control strategies that you can implement today:

  1. Clean Up Your Yard

A clean yard is one of the most important things you can do to prevent rodents from taking up residence around your home. If there’s food available for them, they’ll be more likely to move in close by. You should also make sure that there aren’t any holes or gaps where rodents can enter your house through the walls or roofing materials.

  1. Use Mouse Traps

If you have mice in your house already, it might seem like a good idea just to leave them alone because they’re so small—but that’s not exactly true! Mice are very good at hiding their droppings so that they don’t attract attention from predators; however, this means that they could easily spread diseases without anyone knowing about it until it’s too late! 

  1. Seal all openings into your home. 

This includes crevices, cracks and holes around doors, windows and other access points. Keep in mind that rats can squeeze through an opening as small as a quarter! Rats can also chew through wood and plastic so be sure to use heavy-duty materials when covering holes.

  1. Clear the area around your home

Any debris, including leaves, sticks or pine needles that may provide shelter for rodents or encourage them to move closer to your house. If you have a shed or garage, be sure it’s rodent proof by removing any gaps or cracks that could allow entry into these structures as well.

  1. Keep pet food indoors at all times! 

Rodents love pet food and will often eat it if they find it outside where they’re living in their own feces which is not healthy for them or humans who might come into contact with the pet food later on down the line (which could lead to human illness). 


Preventative measures are vital in controlling the spread of rodents and other pests, as are tricks to repel them when they try to enter your home. By following the above strategies, you can prevent rodents from getting into the house and eliminate those that succeed in entering.