Ways to Get Rid of Spiders

Arachnophobia or fear of spiders consistently tops the list of phobias across America. Whether the Hollywood horror movies have any role in triggering the phobia and keeping it alive, spiders – large or small – are infamous as crawly and creepy creatures. Tarantulas are venomous but we don’t like non-harmful species either.

Believe me, there are good sides of spiders; they function as the natural pest controller. The spiders weave webs and catch insects. However, it never means that they should be given a royal welcome to your house. Food contamination in pantries and kitchens can result from spider infestation. Some species can even cause health hazards. Offence is the best defence! Therefore, taking a preventive measure is the only way to avoid these risks.

Clean Attics, Basements And Garages

Most spiders take refuge in dirty, secluded and cluttered areas where they don’t feel disturbed while creating the web for catching their meals. Therefore, an unused basement or attic is the best place for their refuge and resting.

Most people are in habit of leaving their shoes and clothes on the floor. Use plastic containers to store the used clothes and shoes that need a wash sooner or later. You should also give a strong shake to the clothes hanging in a hamper before washing or wearing those.

Seal Cracks And Crevices In Your Home

Spiders can intrude into your house through creaked windows or cracked siding. You should do regular inspection of your house for defects. Changes in temperature or weather can create the problem or even worsen it.

Check Grocery Bags And Decoration Boxes Before Taking Them Indoors

The delivery man often leaves the packages on the front step if you’re away from home. Grocery bags are often found on the driveway. Spiders as well as other pests can make their way to boxes and bags and thus, enter into your house. Unpack the packages and inspect the same before carrying them inside.

What If A Spider Bites?

Not all spiders are venomous. For example, cellar spiders and house varieties. Having no strong mouthparts, they are unable to pierce your skin if they bite at all. However, these species feel much better off living outside and laying eggs there.

Other species including black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders etc are venomous. They can easily pierce the skin and infuse venom. Spiders’ bites cause different reactions but are not usually fatal if the person receives immediate treatment. Symptoms may include localized ache, nausea and even fever. If it is a brown recluse spider, the bite may even cause skin necrosis at the spot of bite.

Contact A Spider Control Professional To Eliminate Infestation Problem

A proactive action is important to drive out spiders from your house. It even reduces the chances of spiders and any unwanted creature making your home a safe heaven and harming any from your family member. If your house is infested by spiders, call in a professional spider control expert to get rid of the problem. The trained and experienced professionals will take the right and safe measures to identify the species and eliminate them from your house.