How to recognize good chair upholstery?

Comfort is an important factor to consider when considering the chairs. The chair upholstery provides additional comfort to its seats when creating a plush surface and distributing pressure while providing additional support.

The upholstery is not as simple as it seems, and what can happen as upholstery may not really provide any additional comfort to its seat experience.

Features of chair upholstery

Here are some key features to be bought when buying upholstered seats.


The springs provide structural support to the chair seat. The two types of springs used in chairs are coil and springs in Zigzag. The spring of the coil is tied and bound to the frame of the chair and moves. Zigzag springs are attached to the frame but are stationary. It is important that the springs in the seat provide adequate support; If the coils are easily flattened, it will make the chair feel uncomfortable.

Industrial tape

The industrial tape provides additional support to the upholstered seat. It consists of intertwined strips that are stubborn to the base of the chair. This type of reinforcement makes the upholstery more lasting and comfortable.

Cushion filling

The comfort and durability of the upholstery depend on the type of material from which the filling is made. Polyurethane foam and down are the two most used filling materials. Although down is soft and comfortable initially, it is easily flattened. Polyurethane foam, on the other hand, provides as much comfort as allowed by foam density. Any foam with a density of less than 1.8 will flatten over time and will not provide much comfort.


The low-quality fabric will wear out quickly and expose the foam. This is not only visually unattractive, but it can also be quite uncomfortable to sit. Consider how much use it expects to get out of the chair and how long you want it to last when choosing fabrics.


Adaptation not only affects the physical appearance of any upholstered chair but also affects its durability. Bad tailoring can be a warning sign of bad labor, and this type of upholstery will break or separate easily in seams.

Familiar with the components of a chair upholstery will be made you an intelligent buyer and will help you choose a chair with confidence. Whether you are buying chairs for your home or business, it is important to invest in quality from the beginning.