Your Choice For the Perfect Asphalt Contractors

How long will the asphalted area retain its appearance and resistance to deformation? How many years will the laid asphalt last? Answers to these questions directly depend on the contractor, who undertakes to perform the work with high quality and in strictly fixed terms. But where to find a performer who is scrupulous in observing standards and technologies who are not seeking to deceive and cheat? There are some practical tips.

What to look for when choosing a contractor:

  • Give preference to legal entities with experience of 5 years or more
  • Ignore private ads on posts, questionable websites and free newspapers
  • Examine the portfolio, read the reviews, and if it works out, personally communicate with previous customers
  • Too high or low cost should alert you. Check out other offers in this market and compare them

Why you should not chase for cheap?

Figures are recalculated by each customer, because everyone wants to keep within a modest budget, but do not go to extremes, trying to find a contractor for a penny amount. After all, the contract is not insured against unskilled workers, the use of low-cost materials and mediocre technical equipment. Immediately assess the quality of laying hard, all the shoals and defects come to the surface after 1-2 years, and sometimes even earlier. The asphalt contractors are perfect professionals there.

Is it possible to save?

Yes, but for this, give preference to organizations whose range of services is quite extensive. For example, a company may additionally install curbs and drainage systems, lay tiles and plant flowerbeds, and carry out other land improvement activities. The process anticipates a well-written assignment and a technical project reflecting the volumes, approximate terms and costs in the implementation process. When using modern technologies, the guaranteed period of asphalt operation reaches 10 years or more.

What technique is used?

Best of all, when the contracting company has a fleet of its own vehicles used for asphalting roads as a result, an optimal pricing policy is formed with the possibility of flexible planning and free adjustment of the project implementation dates. But organizations that rent equipment from third parties are unlikely to be able to offer you an attractive price for their services, because rent is a separate large item of expenditure.

In the beginning it seems that it is impossible to consider asphalting as an investment in saving money, but with the right approach it is a very good idea. Consider these cost savings tips for your business.

Improved asphalt drainage can save money

Roads and parking lots with poor drainage require more frequent repairs and maintenance, which is an unpleasant moment for the owner. Without proper drainage, water can destroy the surface of the asphalt, leading to the formation of cracks and, eventually, holes that are so annoying and require investment for repairs.

Proper drainage is one of the most important factors associated with new asphalt paving. Even flat access roads and car parks require at least a two percent slope, which will help remove excess water from the surface.