What is thermowood cladding?

Before you understand what thermowood cladding is, you need to understand what is thermowood itself. Thermowood is also referred to as he treated timber. It is a softwood timber product that has been made using chemical-free heat treatment. It is incredibly sustainable and looks beautiful. During manufacture, thermowood is treated with heat, pressure, water vapor, and nitrogen. The treatment is carefully controlled and takes around 96 hours. When subjected to such high heat, the core of the wood dries out, and the moisture is removed. When the humidity is removed, the wood has higher weather resistance. Thus, weather-resistant lumber can be used for exterior cladding and other outdoor purposes. If you are looking to get thermowood installed, check out https://litcore.ie/thermowood/cladding.

Thermowood cladding is known to last for many years and does not need surface treatment. Even if it is left to weather naturally, the color of the wood will change to silver-grey color.

Since the treatment of Thermowood is entirely natural and no chemicals are used, it is more environmentally friendly than the wood product that has been chemically treated. The environment friendly nature is the reason most people opt for thermowood. Furthermore, Thermowood is comparatively much cheaper than opting for any other kind of hardwood. Thus, it is an affordable choice for most developers and homeowners. Since the treatment process does not involve the use of chemicals, the manufacturing cost is less. Thus the market price is also lower.

Why should you opt for thermowood?

Thermowood comes with a number of advantages. The primary benefit of using thermowood is its dimensional stability and lightweight. Due to the minimal moisture content of the wood, it packs high durability and does not lose shape, as would be the case in natural timber. Thermowood retains the form for many years and ensures optimum performance with minimal maintenance. 

Another massive advantage of thermowood is that it is resistant to decay mold and insects, primarily due to the low moisture content.

Thermowood also shows better insulation properties. This is because the process of manufacturing thermowood makes it much more porous.

Since the wood is manufactured without using any chemicals, there is no chance that it can cause any harm to humans. When chemically modified timber is used, there is a chance that members living in the house may breathe in air filled with chemicals. This is not the case with thermowood. Therefore, thermowood is a much safer alternative compared to standard timber.

Where is thermowood used?

Due to its bug-resistant quality and excellent strength, thermowood is a natural cladding choice. It is also known to be used in the case of other applications where wet conditions are faced constantly like siding, timber decking flooring, etcetera. Thermowood can even be used in moisture-ridden environments like basements.

Unlike the other wood products that have been pressure treated, thermowood can be used along with metal. The low moisture content of thermowood ensures that the metal in contact with the wood does not start to corrode quickly.