Why Should You Have a Water Heater?

Having the most efficient gadgets in our homes can save a lot of time. For some, this could mean getting a dishwasher to make cleaning up after dinner less of a burden. For others, this might mean garbage disposal to eradicate food waste. However, one important appliance that many might need to think about is a water heater.

By providing you with hot water when you need it most, these fixtures can do a lot for both our homes and for ourselves. As you read, you can discover all of the benefits that come with them. If you are interested in implementing one for your household, you can call on Towers Plumbing to help you out. They can provide you with water heater repair and installation in Draper, UT, that is sure to keep you satisfied for years to come.

Staying Clean

As you are already aware, water is something we use every day. Whether it be cooking, doing laundry, or even just taking a shower, water is one of our most valuable resources. While much of this could technically be done with cold water, hot water is much more hygienic.

Hotter water breaks down proteins like dirt, oil, and germs more effectively than cold water does. Thus garments washed with hot water come out cleaner than those done with the cold. Dishes become immaculate with hot water at the appropriate temperature that won’t leave behind any bacteria or stains. Taking a hot shower after a long day is not only soothing, but it is also useful for personal hygiene since higher temperatures effectively eliminate debris from skin and hair.

Energy Efficiency

One thing that homeowners can expect every month is their utility bill. Groan-inducing, these papers often come with a due amount that we are not pleased to see. Water heaters can help you save on this problem. Because you can set a specific temperature on your unit, it knows exactly what you need every time without over-exerting itself.

You can further lower your energy usage if you talk with Towers Plumbing about getting a tankless water heater. Because they provide you with hot water the second you need it, you will need a tank to heat up a copious amount of water you might not even need.

Clean Water

When you are using water, you want to make sure you are getting the purest form possible. After all, you want to avoid brushing your teeth if there are sediments in your supply. Many newer models of water heaters now contain filtration systems. The filtering process eliminates pollutants from drinking water, making it safer to consume and use in home equipment.

Furthermore, having a water heater with filtration saves money in the long run because there is no need for expensive replacement filter cartridges. Furthermore, this sort of heater minimizes issues like mineral deposits and scale accumulation, which can cause lower performance or even failures.

Caring For Your Water Heater

Whether you already have a water heater or not, there are a few maintenance concerns to keep in mind:

  • Change out filters and anode rods as needed
  • Flush out the system yearly
  • Call in a plumber for regular inspection

Residents of Salt Lake City, Alta, Draper, South Jordan, Cottonwood Heights, and Riverton, UT, know they can count on Towers Plumbing for help with their water heaters. Being in business since 1942, they have adapted to the changing times and only use the latest technology to get all of their plumbing jobs done.

It is crucial to them that they leave you 100% satisfied every time, so they will work with you until that standard is met. They always offer the most honest answers to your problem, too. So if it really is time to install a new unit, they will tell you without hesitation.

A water heater really can be a game changer for you and your family. Get the hot water you need when you need it most. To get the best installation around, contact Towers Plumbing today.