How to Spot a Broken Toilet

Man using wrench repairing toilet cistern in a concept of DIY repairs with copy space

The toilet is one of our houses’ most essential pieces of equipment. This fixture is used by all members of your home several times each day. Thus it is critical that it continues to function properly. Unfortunately, there will be periods over its existence when it will require maintenance.

Although most difficulties can be handled with a simple plunge, some are more complex to resolve. In such cases, contacting a plumber to determine whether you have a drain or plumbing problem is critical. Valley Plumbing is one such provider that can give all sorts of plumbing solutions in Lehi, UT. They will aid in preventing a bothersome blockage from becoming something worse, such as a flood.

Constant Clogging

Let’s face it. Clogs are unavoidable. It might be because of the volume of waste pouring down the drain or the excessive usage of toilet paper. On the other hand, clogs should only happen occasionally, much alone more than once. This might indicate that anything that should not have been flushed was driven down your pipes and has clogged all further movement.

To avoid this symptom, avoid flushing objects such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or medicine. If you have a little child, keep the toilet lid locked at all times since they may flush toys or other random things for entertainment.

Continuous Running

When you flush a toilet, you should only hear roaring sounds. A random whirring sound is not only bothersome, especially in the middle of the night, but it might also indicate a problem. One such issue may be a malfunctioning flush valve. If the problem still needs to be resolved, you may be in danger of a leak. Similarly, continuous running wastes water and raises your utility rates.

By opening the rear of your toilet, you may inspect the flush valve. Inside, there is a flapper that allows water to enter and exit your system. If there is any evidence of damage, you should contact Valley Plumbing. They will examine the situation and determine whether a single component needs to be changed or whether a new toilet is required.


Toilets, like any other system or piece of equipment, are subject to wear and tear. Porcelain cal only lasts for so long, so as your toilet ages, it might begin to crack. You’ll notice this if there are puddles surrounding your toilet or if the bowl is “sweating.”

In addition, there may be fractures in your overall plumbing as a result of a connection problem. This might cause leaks and discoloration in the area surrounding your fixture. These leaks can damage your floors and cause further issues, such as flooding. Given the high cost of flood repair, it is critical that you act quickly.

Hire Utah’s Best Plumbers

Valley Plumbing and its crew understand that one tiny alteration in your home’s functionality may drastically disrupt everything. As a result, they wish to make certain that they can assist you at any time. This is why they provide services to consumers around the clock. So, if your toilet starts screaming at 4 a.m., you know who to contact.

Valley Plumbing has happily served Salt Lake City, Lehi, and Bountiful, UT, customers with all of their pipe and drainage needs since 2011. Whether it’s a little tune-up or dealing with a busted pipe, their specialists will always operate with professionalism and a cool head.

Don’t push yourself to grab a plunger every time your toilet fails you. Valley Plumbing can take care of your toilet and all of its linked pipes in a flash. While they are assisting you with your clogs, be sure to inquire about all of the other plumbing services they can provide!