Compelling Reasons to Make Cape Cod Your New Home

For years, Cape Cod, MA, has proven to be a mainstay of the East Coast and one of the most gorgeous spots to purchase a house in the nation. The crisp air, the unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean, and the exclusive and welcoming population of homeowners who call this piece of Massachusetts home are all compelling reasons to relocate to Cape Cod.

However, if you want to move here, there’s a lot more information about Cape Cod that you should know beforehand. You can work with a Cape Cod real estate expert Tony Guthrie, to learn more about the neighborhood. Additionally, this piece will ensure you understand why making Cape Cod your new residence is an excellent choice.

Restaurants are less crowded

Part of living in Cape Cod means you get to enjoy many dining options. Many Cape Cod eateries do shut after Labor Day. However, some of the greatest are open all year and are less congested than in summertime. If you start living here all year, you will benefit from fewer queues and more pleasant meals.

For instance, Spoon & Seed, situated at 12 Thornton Lane in Hyannis, close to the airport, delivers a superb brunch buffet distinguished by farm-to-table products and generous quantities. During the summer, this famous establishment has queues out the door. After Labor Day, however, people frequently fill the dining area without waiting long.

There are 15 neighborhoods from which to pick

The Cape Cod villages are all distinct, with their customs and cultures throughout the year. Among these are Falmouth, Sandwich, Eastham, Orleans, and Provincetown. Nonetheless, these towns and communities are all quite near to one another and have deep connections. Before buying a home in Cape Cod, research as many neighborhoods as possible and choose a location that meets your style. Be sure to check if it has the amenities you are interested in to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

All-year-long arts and culture

Permanent inhabitants know that Cape Cod culture and the arts always stay in style. Year-round events include live music, movie screenings, art exhibitions, and seminars at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, located in South Yarmouth. Film festivals, art exhibitions, live theater, and music are all offered year-round inside the Cotuit Center to celebrate the Arts. You may watch live broadcasts of the Bolshoi Ballet and Metropolitan Opera. Likewise, you can enjoy the National Theatre shows at the Cape Cinema throughout the winter.

Neighborhood businesses are flourishing

Cape Cod’s economy has consistently been thriving and vibrant but has taken off as an economic force in the last few years. Locally owned and operated enterprises are thriving, with as many as 86% of all workers on Cape Cod working in small firms.

Superior Health Care

The primary supplier of healthcare services and medicine in Cape Cod is Cape Cod Health Care. In addition to Falmouth Hospital and Cape Cod Hospital near Hyannis, the system has over 450 doctors and many outpatient clinics. Newsweek recognized Cape Cod Hospital as one of the nation’s top hospitals in 2021.

For many people, moving to Cape Cod is their ideal move. Cape Cod has much to offer anybody looking to move here, including fantastic possibilities, gorgeous beaches, plenty of shopping, and a welcoming culture. Start by looking at the homes for sale in Cape Cod to make this neighborhood your new home.