Why Polymer Modified Cementitious Overlay is Popular?

Various research and studies show that Polymer Modified Cementitious Overlay, popularly known as PMC particularly the polymer to cement mortars substantially improves the workability, durability; increases compressive and flexural strengths, and decreases carbonation, water absorption, and chloride ion penetration in the structures it is used. Though studies have been continuously searching on various aspects of polymer modified cementitious overlays and similar usages and products, this is not a new phenomenon. There is evidence of ancient civilizations using natural polymer in the construction of buildings. The use of polymer can be traced in 400 BC Babylonian constructions. Since then, the polymer in its different forms has been serving the construction purpose of mankind. If you are in the requirement of polymer modified cementitious overlays, contact Deco Polymer for best PMC overlays and perfect service.

In the advent of advanced science and technology, researchers have been successfully improved polymer to an extent of perfection in terms of its durability, water-heat and moisture and crack resistance. Polymer, over the period, has been effectively used not only in construction but in flooring, swimming pools, water tanks, septic tanks, drains, silos, ship decks, pipes etc. The basic reason for PMC popularity is its durability against wet weather and water resulting in moisture, and heat resulting in cracks.

Polymer Modified Concrete overlay is high in quality, applied thinly on top of an existing surface in order to repair, or improve or just give a completely new look, is eventually awesome and modern looking application. Though PMC is as old as ancient Babylon, it is relevant and modern even today with repeated and continuous updating and improvement in output material.

Exactly like cement and concrete, the PMC overlays can be applied thinner than a single grain of sand. On the other hand, if the need arises, PMC overlays can be also applied thicker than a few inches without any hesitation or fear. Over the period, PMC has been developed into a wonderful material having resistance to various external factors like heat, water, moisture, cracks, salt, chemicals particularly petrochemicals, harsh weather etc.

The above-mentioned numerous reasons for the specialities of PMC and the emerging inventions of new PMC related materials and usages are the growing popularity of PMC. The PMC is no more a material for domestic or retail use. It has already grown up to a level of industrial trade in the contemporary world business. The more the improvements of PMC is taking place, the more the growing the business of PMC happening.