Everybody loves wooden furniture, since they can bring a touch of natural, hand-crafted detail to any of your rooms. Even a small collection of wooden drawers can transform a sterile master bedroom into a warm, rich, and comfortable refuge.

Wooden furniture has become quite popular in the last couple of years because of its diverse advantages. Wood is a robust material – the perfect choice if you are looking for furniture that has longevity. But like everything else, wood needs to be maintained in a certain way, especially during the summertime.

During the summer, high temperatures, strong light, and heavy humidity will combine together to damage your wooden pieces. In order to avoid this, brush up on these three points of advice to keep your furniture feeling new and fresh.

First of all, you will need to cover up your furniture. If wooden furniture exists on an outdoor patio, or near any windows where sun hit the wood directly, a furniture cover will be necessary for protection.

Furniture covers come in different shapes and sizes, which means you certainly will be able to find one for every piece of wooden furniture you have in your house. And the best part is that these covers are made of many different materials, such as polyester, vinyl, or canvas. Each of them are waterproof and UV resistant, meaning that you can use them if it is raining too!

The second thing is something you ought to do right after you acquire a piece of wooden furniture, but it is necessary to continue doing this overtime as well. Applying a water sealant is especially important, since it will retain the feel and look of the material, plus it will provide additional protection from the rain if furniture covers are not available.

Even if furniture covers are available, weather can be unpredictable during the summer. The sun might be out during the day, but as high noon turns into evening, pouring rain appears on the forecast. Water sealant also makes the wood dry faster if rain does fall on it, preventing stains and retaining the color.

Finally, try to scrub your furniture every once in a while. When you have wooden outdoor furniture, it will benefit from a mild scrubbing and rinsing at the start and finish of each season. This is also a good time to reapply sealant, or even a different color of varnish if you want to change things up!

Remember that having good wooden furniture is all about treating it right. Help prevent the damage of your furniture – try out these three tips and see the excellent results!